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Monitor machines and plants from anywhere

Monitor the status of your system, even from your home office, and react to problems promptly

How to remotely keep your machines running

Due to contact restrictions, many manufacturing companies are currently unable to employ their entire workforce at the company location. Some of the employees are working from home. But how are companies supposed to monitor their production-critical machines and systems seamlessly under these circumstances and intervene at short notice in the event of faults? We support you with our starter package for remote monitoring of machines and plants.

Remote monitoring of machines and plants

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With the starter packages for monitoring and remote diagnosis of machines, you can easily keep an eye on your production facilities – even from home. Using existing hardware from T-Systems and our partners, the first steps can be implemented within a few weeks. 

Machine monitoring as Software-as-a-Service

The solution is based on the proven Telekom Cloud of Things, our flexible platform for Internet of Things (IoT) applications in all industry sectors. This allows you to remotely manage and control your networked devices and machines. Remote monitoring is available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – straight out-of-the-box, no need for programming and installation. Simply connect your devices, configure individual dashboards, and get started with your IoT project.

Sensor data and analyzes via the web portal

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The Cloud of Things collects the sensor data of your networked machines for you in real time and evaluates them. In your personal web portal, you always have an overview of a large number of measurement values such as pressure, speed, temperature, and position. In addition, extensive analysis tools are available. In this way, you secure and improve the efficiency of your systems and processes, reduce downtime, and lower costs through predictive maintenance.

Cost-effective, intuitive, and secure

Our Software-as-a-Service from the cloud eliminates the need for proprietary investments. The simply designed portal interface with pre-configured widgets is intuitive to use. The platform comes with the most common industry protocols as standard.

Communication and data storage take place according to data protection guidelines “Made in Germany” on German servers. Encryption, carrier-grade security standards, and our PSA process ensure data security and trust.

Whether you want to start small or expand your devices and sensors infinitely: the Cloud of Things is fully scalable. The pay-as-you-grow principle ensures low investment costs: you are billed based solely on connected devices.

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