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Handle order processing, price calculation, billing, and delivery of a purchased service automatically with Cloud Billing

How Cloud Billing works

With our Cloud Billing service, companies can manage not only the order and contract process, but also price calculation, payment, and delivery of purchased services to the end customer. And that goes for all price models, whether subscription or pay-per-use, with credits, package prices, or much more, for example, in the Internet of Things or in the data and platform economy. Cloud Billing also supports payment transactions and billing with partners who perform part of a service. This is possible in all models, whether via clearing, provision, fixed fees, or usage-based fees.

Your benefits: 80 percent reduction in operating costs

  • Reduce operating costs by 80 percent by eliminating billing silos and legacy systems
  • Manage and bill all business models (B2B, B2C, B2B2X) in ONE platform
  • Developed and operated on the Open Telekom Cloud; no dependence on third-party providers
  • Every function can be configured and integrated (CRM, ERP, DMS or FiBu) easily and flexibly with OpenAPI – and without lengthy development projects
  • Multi-client capable; fast and inexpensive onboarding of partners is possible at all times
  • Modular, scalable end-to-end solution lets you start small and grow big
  • Faster go-to-market for new business models

How you benefit from Cloud Billing immediately

Flexible price models

Traditional subscriptions, prepaid, or pay-as-you-use: With Cloud Billing you can offer and manage complex price models in a straightforward way. The platform shows the actual consumption in a transparent way. It processes a multitude of usage data in real time and bills it automatically with an option for usage-based billing. Invoice recipients get a clear breakdown of items and know exactly how much they are paying and how this relates to their usage.

Revenue sharing and offsetting

When multiple partners, such as service providers or resellers, contribute to a service package, the platform distributes the incoming revenues to all participating providers based on predefined rules. This happens in the background – without the user even noticing. They receive only a single bill and pay only one amount, for example, via automatic transfer from their bank account.

Data security is the top priority

We run the Cloud Billing platform in the Open Telekom Cloud at ultramodern data centers in Germany. The Open Telekom Cloud offers maximum security with data protection certified in line with GDPR. Our standard 24/7 service level guarantees fail-safe operation and 99.999 percent availability for all services.

Prepaid services require special billing systems to process the myriad of user data in real time and bill it quickly, automatically, and based on either consumption or usage value to customers.

Raphael Becker, Business Development Manager Cloud at T-Systems

Case study: More service when buying tickets

Good for the climate: More and more people use public transportation these days. However, they need different kinds of tickets for longer trips; in addition to the nationwide Deutsche Bahn network, there are many regional transport operators with fares of their own. In cooperation with T-Systems, VDV eTicket Service has unified electronic fare management. An app shows the customer at a glance how much a ticket costs for a route that includes multiple operators. They can book the ticket instantly and pay electronically. And it's all done digitally, without paper. Cloud Billing from T-Systems automatically distributes the incoming payments to the participating transport operators.

Case study: Prepaid electricity instead of installment payments

Under the auspices of its startup subsidiary EnergieRevolte, the utility company Stadtwerke Düren has brought to market an innovative payment model for power consumption – a paradigm shift for the industry. Cloud Billing from T-Systems has facilitated the processes needed for this groundbreaking work.

In the back end, Cloud Billing controls an app that the customer can use at any time to find out how much energy credit they have left. They can use the app to buy more electricity whenever they want, and the purchase is instantly transferred to the smart meter installed in their basement. The service is so successful that other utility companies are using EnergieRevolte's offer as resellers and offering their customers the same service.

Shift billing into high gear

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