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Enable IoT integration with edge computing

Improve the efficiency of IoT-based applications and processes with edge computing

An IoT ecosystem: Seizing the opportunities

The Internet of Things is a network of digital devices, autonomous vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity. More companies are turning to IoT solutions and Industrial IoT (IIoT) to realize a host of benefits, including gathering rich data to gain insights, monitoring remote and hard-to-access machines, automating processes, and optimizing industry operations.

Overcoming the barriers to IoT deployment with edge

However, many companies are reaching their bandwidth limits as transmitting massive amounts of data causes delays and poses security risks. Three questions arise: How can latency be minimized? How can high volumes of data be processed and analyzed efficiently? And how can IoT security and data protection be ensured? The way out is edge computing, which is decentralized data processing close to the data source instead of remote data centers or the cloud, enabling faster real-time processing and responses.


Ready to unlock IoT with Edge?

Our comprehensive industry-specific solutions and proven knowledge can give you the digital technology and real-time capabilities you need to use IoT applications.

Realizing more value from IoT with AI: IDC Spotlight

Almost a third of European organizations using or planning to use IoT already use artificial intelligence (AI) for some functions in their IoT projects (IDC Spotlight report, Nov. 2022). Adding AI to an IoT project can boost its commercial impact significantly. AI elevates IoT projects by shifting them from data collection to data analytics exercises, using rich seams of real-time information to turn insights into action.

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