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Rethinking retail with connected customers and staff

Unifying omnichannel experiences and streamlining store operations for a connected future

Smart shops: A digital experience and world of shopping

Shops blend tangible products, expert advice, and interactive experiences. Retailers use digital solutions to upgrade shops, providing added value compared to online shopping. Smart retail technologies, a foundation for this, meet customer preferences for in-store shopping. Our solutions enhance the shopping experience and enable flexible in-store operations.

Creating retail synergy with tech-enabled connections

Retail industry can leverage data analytics, ServiceNow platforms, digitalization, and automation for operational excellence. Data analytics provides deep insights into customer behavior, enabling tailored services. ServiceNow streamlines workflows, ensuring efficient staff responses and customer interactions. Digitalization and automation enhance the overall shopping experience, from inventory management to checkout processes. These tech-driven solutions create a cohesive and responsive retail environment.


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Digitalizing and modernizing omnichannel processes

Consumers are becoming more accustomed to shopping anytime, anywhere, and with any end device. Therefore, retailers need to offer their goods on all channels using a digitally supported omnichannel approach. They need seamless integration between brick-and-mortar shops, mobile shopping apps, and social media to be an end-to-end digital commerce retailer. T-Systems advises, develops, and implements the appropriate digital technologies, integrates them with existing PIM, ERP, or CRM systems, and redesigns existing portals and web shops to achieve this goal.

Digitalization and automation of service processes

Retailers must deal with multiple processes like POS systems, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, access control, merchandise listing, and hygiene regulations across several departments and multiple locations. Paper, phone calls, and emails take time, are error-prone, and have had their day in the digital world. Digitalization and automation save time and costs across the whole service chain and increase efficiency.

Enterprise service management with ServiceNow

ServiceNow provides retailers with a central platform with which service workflows can be automated including deployment planning and spare parts management. This results in significant cost reduction through decreased manual effort and fast ROI.

Efficient digital employee collaboration

Keeping your employees properly informed and enabling location-independent collaboration, allows you to bind your employees together into real teams. This is not so easy for retailers with many branches in different regions. Collaboration solutions such as employee apps with chat functions or push notifications, digital workshops, or video streaming help to reach everyone and improve internal communication. T-Systems offers GDPR-compliant collaboration solutions from the cloud and integrates them into existing systems which results in authentic communication and more productive teams.

Inspire customers with data analytics

Megatrends have a massive impact on retail. Changes such as increasing sales on the internet, omnichannel shopping, new business models, anything-anywhere-anytime, and smart stores have customers wanting to be inspired by retail and products. Data is one way that companies can meet these customer expectations with precision. Systematically collected and evaluated data analyses can be used to make more targeted decisions, for instance; which products excite people? What kind of service do customers appreciate? How should customer contact be individualized? Those who can answer these questions are able to create positive shopping experiences on the internet and offline.

The store in your pocket!

How do I keep track of all the relevant data for my store? This is a question that retailers have been repeatedly asking themselves in recent years. The answer is an SAP powered dashboard that provides all relevant information about the store and the team. For ideas on how to implement and present a prototype, watch the following video.

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