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We drive digitalization in public transport

Our digital solutions improve reliability, safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability of public transport systems

The world is changing, so is public transport

Passenger health and safety have always been the top priority of public transport companies. The pandemic heightened this concern and uncovered further need for action. To regain momentum in public transport it is of utmost importance to increase the capacity of the whole system and to further drive multimodal transportation. Our products precisely do that. They enhance the overall digital and physical mobility experience of our passengers.

T-Systems as partner for public transport companies

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T-Systems is an innovative digital service provider in public transport with outstanding customer centric products. We combine deep industry expertise with our digitalization proficiency to develop and implement digital solutions that enable efficient, intermodal and safe use of existing infrastructure, e.g. cloud-aware Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) for public transport providers. For travelers we create better user experience by providing reliable information and seamless transit, e.g. and AI-based forcasting machine and eTicketing solution linking various modes of public transport.

Trendbook: Public Transport

Public transport needs to meet ambitious growth goals. How can it do so in a timely manner? Explore the trends, action areas, and digital technologies that are essential to creating smart, sustainable, future-proof public transport.

Camera image analytics for public transport

Camera image analytics has various applications in public transport. Our machine learning algorithms are capable of detecting situations captured by cameras in vehicles and stations, e.g. passenger count, seat utilization, hazard detection, vandalism, counting objects, capturing and analyzing movement patterns. The evaluation is carried out anonymously and directly at the source, so video files are not stored or forwarded. Furthermore, existing camera infrastructure can be used. Hence, our solution is cost-efficient and compliant with the requirements of our customers and their respective governments.

Our service portfolio in public transport

Over the course of the last decade, we worked closely with our customers and partners to develop a service portfolio that reflects current technological trends and truly energizes public transport. It consists of three main pillars:

  • Full Services entail industry-specific solutions
  • Enabling Services provide the technological backbone for the service delivery
  • Advisory tackles the managerial and strategic topics

Our portfolio serves the needs of big players of public transport as well as regional rail and bus companies.

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