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Trendbook: cow public transport can transform and scale up

Public transport growth is essential to sustainability. Find out how it can achieve its targets in our trendbook

Top trends for smarter public transport

For public transport networks, the mission is clear: increase scale and passenger volumes to contribute to sustainable cities and Green Deal goals. But they must do this in the context of COVID-19 uncertainty, short time frames, and limited expansion of physical infrastructure. Operators must get smarter and more efficient, powered by digitalisation. This trendbook explores the technologies and practices that make it possible.

Explore the future of rail, bus, metro and tram

  • How public and private sectors can collaborate on future-proof solutions
  • What tomorrow’s public transport experience looks like for passengers, network managers, operators, and officials
  • Why smart, selective, and secure use of Big Data is the key
  • The rise of dedicated IT solutions for public transport, and how to get the most out of IT providers
  • Input from experts on critical infrastructure and network transformation in long-distance rail, metro, tram, and bus


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