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Automobile manufacturer improves driver experience

Raising the driver experience to a new level and gaining valuable insights

Automobile manufacturer utilizing the connected car technologies

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The automobile manufacturer faced the challenge to utilize the connected car technologies to get a better insight of it's customer use of their cars.

Those insights should be used for sales, marketing and car development. The analytics results are then to be delivered via an easy to use interface.

The manufacturer expected a huge data amount that had to be handled with. The realization should be done within six weeks during the global Covid-19 crisis.

With the analytics solution, the client is raising the driver experience of his customers to a new level and gaining valuable insights for the development of future vehicle generations.

Xu Zhao, T-Systems

Big data analytics managed on the public cloud

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With a big data approach using the connected car technologies the automobile manufacturer is able to mine the anonymous data of its cars. With data cleaning and modelling this huge amount of data is structured to be used by the different teams within the manufacturers sales, marketing and development teams. To access the data by the employees a web based service has been implemented. With it the involved teams get a better insight of the car and service usage.

To manage the analysis for all the data the manufacturer uses a Public Cloud Platform as a Service (Hadoop) that has been set up by T-Systems.

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Business outcome using big data analytics

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With the new analytics in place the automobile manufacturer laid the foundation for new offerings and services. The analytics also speeds up the go to market process.

The availability of structured data enables the company to implement predictive maintenance services to foresee possible impacts before they even happen.

Thanks to big data the manufacturer gets better customer and service usage insights and is improving the driver experience. As a result the company delivers best in class service and quality to fulfil its brand promise.

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