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The integrated T-Systems approach

System solutions for your digital business

We are driven to help you successful digitize your business – today and in the future. That is why we’ve adapted our portfolio to today's requirements, ensuring that digital transformation reduces complexity, saves costs, and makes day-to-day work easier across all areas of your company.

T-Systems presents: The perfect fit

Technology is about figuring out how to put all the pieces together in the most optimal way. In our view, companies need four building blocks to successfully enable their digital transformation: Connectivity, digitization, cloud and infrastructure and security. And like the classic computer game Tetris – they fit together to build the right digital ecosystem for your business.

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T-Systems' approach

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Our people

With more than 25,000 new employee certifications per year, T-Systems is continuously expanding our experts and expertise, all of whom have comprehensive IT expertise.

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Our technologies

As Europe's leading telecommunications provider we provide consistently high quality and zero outages. With standardized, tailored and scalable portfolio, we ensure security throughout the system.

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Our systems

With fully integrated end-to-end services and the combination of our four focus areas, we take a holistic, systems approach to ensure business results are realized.

Four focus areas in detail

Working together to optimize your system

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Digital transformation is a partnership, one in which we provide support throughout your journey and commit to high performance. An example of successful cooperation.

An example of successful cooperation

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