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Free yourself from past limitations

Catapult your digital systems into the modern age with a segmented, secure and comprehensive approach to IT Modernization

Legacy systems holding you back?

Legacy IT systems can be costly and cumbersome. Since 2010, global businesses have spent an estimated $720 billion on failed IT replacement efforts*.
A fit-for-purpose IT landscape is key to business growth. At the same time, modernization cannot jeopardize critical functions or hog disproportionate time and resources.
T-Systems offers a modern, segmented and secure, proprietary tools-driven IT modernization process, based on a modular set of services configurable to individual business needs.

*IEEE Spectrum

The journey to successful IT transformation

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IT modernization initiatives have always been long, big bang programs – but they need not be.

T-Systems‘ unique suite of tools for effective IT Modernization addresses all architecture layers for a segmented, secure and innovative approach to IT Modernization, offering:

  • Assessment of current IT challenges and development of a modernization roadmap
  • Service migration from monoliths to microservices, without freezing code or halting applications
  • Data transplant from inflexible data warehouses to Cloud-native solutions
  • Integration of mainframe data and processes with distributed services
  • Cloud-ready systems and containerization
  • Mainframe application rehosting with Software Defined Mainframe 

Can Modernization Work For You?

The T-Systems modernization suite of tools can be used to address common IT pain points, including:

  • Business intelligence locked in data silos
  • Critical IT systems reaching the end of their service life
  • Problems integrating legacy services with modern platforms
  • Business struggling to adapt with fast-changing markets
  • A need to drive down infrastructure costs

To find out how your business can solve these problems, register with us for a detailed week-long assessment.

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