Casual office situation in a fancy loft
2023.08.29 | Security

How to Implement a Zero Trust Security Strategy

Discover common pitfalls to avoid when implementing a Zero Trust security strategy and ten essential steps.

Close up portrait of software engineer working on a computer, line of code reflected in their glasses.
2023.08.24 | Digital

How do SAP applications run faster and better?

Stable SAP landscapes and maximum performance are crucial for success. Why SAP Application Management is the basis.

Office building with green window facade against blue sky
2023.08.21 | Sustainability Services

How sovereign cloud helps the environment

While public clouds conserve resources, the sovereign cloud also helps with compliance and data protection guidelines.

Fancy office in warm tones with wooden floors and some office people in it
2023.08.08 | Security

Zero Trust Security in 2023: From Hype to Reality

Find out why the Zero Trust approach is more relevant in today’s world of digital transformation and hybrid work.

Old businessman holds phone fixed to a cloud-shaped balloon
2023.07.05 | Cloud Services

The route to sovereignty

What is the meaning behind the buzzword and what significance does sovereignty have for digitalization?

Digital cloud world
2023.06.08 | Security

How does microsegmentation slow down attackers?

What is microsegmentation, and how does it protect your enterprise from malicious activity and cyber threats?

A hand and a robot are holding gears and meet in the middle of the picture
2021.09.27 | Digital

Ensuring future-proof working models with AI

How AI is changing the world of work, setting up New Work environments and helping to drive innovation with transparent data analytics

A human and robot finger meet at each side of a glas screen
2021.08.24 | Digital

Hyperautomation – why you can’t ignore it

Hyperautomation is solving some of the biggest headaches for IT architects and data scientists.

Two women, one of which is a doctor are sitting at a desk and are looking at an iPad
2021.05.31 | Healthcare

Healthcare Cloud: Fort Knox for healthcare data

With the Telekom Healthcare Cloud, companies in the healthcare sector finally have access to a public cloud that complies with data protection laws and regulations.

Smiling businessman holding toy hand
2020.09.10 | Cloud Services

Really, everything smart?

Our guest author Peter Glaser uses buzzwords to pose a fundamental question: What is it actually?

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