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IaaS based on VMware virtualization technology

Expand capacities from the private cloud simply and securely with a cloud solution using IT infrastructures virtualized by VMware technology

VMware from the private cloud

As a supplier of virtualization and cloud computing software, VMware provides virtual applications, servers, storage resources and networks, which reduce IT costs and increase the efficiency and agility of IT infrastructure. Your own virtualized data and storage capacities can be expanded as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) from the cloud with the click of a button.

VMware from the private cloud

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With Dynamic Services for Infrastructure with vCloud (DSI vCloud), T-Systems offers an IaaS product based on VMware’s virtualization technology from a virtual private cloud. The IaaS offering and the virtual machines are available from fully protected and security-certified data centers. The data centers, located in Germany, offer the highest possible standards of reliability and data protection in compliance with German laws and regulation, helping companies to meet high availability and business continuity requirements.

Integration in Virtual Private Cloud

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The offering includes backup functions, management of the provided operating systems as well as disaster recovery capabilities. DSI vCloud uses a scalable operating environment in the form of a virtual private cloud that can be easily integrated into an existing VMware virtualization environment. Control of resources is carried out through self-service on an online self-service portal, the Cloud Manager (hybrid model). 

DSI vCloud can also be used by customers as a virtual private cloud variant using a secure network (private model). Through the self-service portal, administration and management of the virtual machines is carried out independently with the click of a button. Virtual data centers of varying sizes and usage models, with predefined scopes of service are made available to facilitate the customized use of resources, with optional extension possibilities included.

Since costs are flexible depending on what is needed, fixed operating costs are eliminated. With DSI vCloud, new business models can be implemented quickly and risk-free. If the business idea doesn't meet the anticipated demand, the company can quickly reduce capacity.

vCloud in three variants:

  • DSI vCloud Basic vDC
    is the ideal entry into the cloud for short-term IT infrastructure resource needs, for example, for test and development environments. Payment is carried out using a PAYG model, so is dependent on use.
  • DSI vCloud Committed vDC
    emphasizes predictability and reliability. Predefined configuration packages of different sizes fixed at 75 percent of RAM and 50 percent of CPU resources. The remaining RAM and CPU resources are therefore flexibly available as "burst" capacity and are accounted for after use.
  • DSI vCloud Dedicated vDC
    reserves exclusive resources for the optimal use of operating system licenses. One hundred percent of the resources ordered are exclusively operated for the respective company and dedicated hardware resources (CPU/RAM) are made available in the same way.

DSI vCloud

Start-ups as well as conventional companies use dynamic IaaS from the virtual private cloud.

Benefits of the DSI vCloud data center services at a glance:

How companies benefit from DSI vCloud Datacenter Services
  • Book virtual machines dependent on requirements
  • Data processing in accordance with German data protection law
  • Management through the self-service portal
  • 99,98 percent availability

Strategic partners

VMware is a strategic partner of T-Systems. In Germany, T-Systems is the only certified VMware partner for the provision of vCloud data center services. Additionally, T-Systems has Global Consulting and Integration Partner (CIP) status. At T-Systems, there are 200 VMware-certified employees.

Use cases for the application of vCloud

  • Use vCloud services from certified data centers without having to make a personal investment. The virtual environment adapts with the click of a button.
  • VMware virtualized data centers are 100 percent compatible with vCloud. Investments are maintained and only expanded upon, without interfering with ongoing operations or causing conversion problems.
  • A network connection that is disconnected from the internet, as well as the guaranteed bandwidths assure up to 99.98 percent/p.a. availability. Further security is provided by 24/7 service, monitoring and ISO-certified data centers.

White paper: Moving classic workloads to cloud

How VMware Cloud on AWS paves the way for legacy modernization?

VMware cloud on AWS available worldwide

With VMware Cloud on AWS, T-Systems offers a suitable platform for both traditional workloads (mode 1) and managed cloud services for AWS (cloud-native or mode 2). This allows T-Systems to support and assist you with the strategic planning and transformation of your IT into the hybrid or public cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS is a hybrid cloud offering that combines the performance of VMware's software-defined data center (SDDC) with the broad range of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the public cloud. The offering provides companies with a scalable self-service cloud option that complements T-Systems' existing systems. The solution is particularly interesting for companies that already work with VMware environments. Implementation of the system is quick and simple for newcomers and they can easily adapt it to their needs.

Seamless migration to the AWS Cloud

One of the benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS is the seamless migration of existing workloads to the public cloud. The majority of all local data centers run on the same VMware SDDC technology as VMware Cloud on AWS. This simplifies hybrid IT operations for businesses by eliminating the need to purchase new or custom hardware, rewrite applications or change existing operating models. Companies can thus seamlessly use the public cloud with the same platform they use in their own data center – a truly innovative feature in the field of public cloud migration.

Performance and compatibility combined with security and stability

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Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) bare-metal infrastructure and VMware SDDC technology enable performance, compatibility and easy portability of workloads between local environments and the AWS cloud. Secure and highly stable, businesses can use native AWS services for storage, databases, Internet of Things (IoT), security or mobile applications. The many innovations can be integrated into enterprise applications running on the VMware virtualization platform for computing, storage and networking.

Worldwide availability

VMware Cloud on AWS is already available worldwide (South America, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia), with additional locations to follow. The service is provided in a single-tenant, i.e. the customer's own environment on physically separated AWS bare-metal systems, giving customers dedicated access to their VMware vCenter. These are services that have not yet been possible in a shared and public environment. By taking into account the availability, performance, compliance and security of each cloud environment, organizations can strategically decide where to run applications – according to their business needs – or where to store their data.

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Our entire private cloud infrastructure works perfectly. If we need additional resources from the DSI vCloud, we get them in seconds.

Florian Rühl, CSO iTiZZiMO

iTiZZiMO: how the DSI vCloud works with Industry 4.0

With the Simplifier from the DSI vCloud, iTiZZiMO offers a smart application platform for the digital transformation of business applications. Using the cloud app, iTiZZiMO customers can access the Simplifier and transform their business applications. As a virtual data center with VMware vCloud technology, the DSI vCloud has access to 14 available locations worldwide. The usage model Committed vDC offers the necessary flexibility: it is comprised of a fixed part for the basic power and storage performance and a variable part that serves peak demand.

For iTiZZiMO, this cloud-based arrangement offers transparency and means less investment in their own infrastructure. iTiZZiMO configures its resources using the self-service portal or using interfaces (API), as necessary.

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