COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued Client,

T-Systems North America (TSNA) as part of T-Systems International / Deutsche Telekom has taken the threat posed by COVID-19 very seriously. We are fully committed to safeguarding the health and welfare of our employees and providing secure and stable operations for our clients.

A team of internal and external experts are continually monitoring the situation.  Protecting the health of customers, partners, and employees, as well as the continuity of the services we provide, are our top priorities. In accordance with our business continuity processes, we have activated plans to maintain business operations and continue providing our services to customers, in any situation.

Below are some of the preventive measures we have taken as we continue to monitor and respond to the situation:

  • We are carefully monitoring our own supply chains so that all data centers remain functional and equipped with the necessary technical equipment and materials. Furthermore, at present, stocks and spare parts are available from critical suppliers to bridge potential shortages in the supply chain. Additionally, key equipment providers and critical contractors have given their commitment to implement appropriate protection measures, which provide continuous availability.
  • We are making efforts to safeguard operations of our security centers and critical infrastructure. Alternative work plans have been developed to minimize risk of exposure for key personnel. This includes working from home or dividing teams to work from separate offices. Access controls and policies regarding essential personnel have been implemented for our critical facilities.
  • We have cancelled business trips and now only approve travel permits in urgent, exceptional cases and in accordance with governmental regulations for cross-border travel. Travel returnees from risk countries are to work from home for 14 days in order to protect our employees, customers and partners.

Our network is stable and can currently cope well with the additional volume caused by increased numbers of staff working from home. Of course, we are monitoring further developments very closely. It is now particularly important that those responsible for IT at your company check whether in-house platforms offer sufficient capacity for dialing into the company network or whether additional bandwidth or external access needs to be procured for a secure and stable virtual private network. Despite all the preventive measures taken by TSNA, it cannot be ruled out that an expansion of the threat situation could lead to restrictions in services.

We have been fortunate enough to help some of our clients successfully meet some extraordinary challenges this crisis has presented. We know that there are others facing challenges that continue to surface daily. We will be rolling out information through our various platforms on those capabilities that can help businesses address these challenges. Should you have questions or concerns, we ask you to contact your TSNA Account Manager as they are updated daily regarding our response and measures.

Kind Regards,

T-Systems North America

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