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AI: Smarter Inventory Management with the power of AI

Discover how artificial intelligence can deliver valuable insights for your business

Data analysis at the core of your digitalization strategy

Artificial intelligence is changing our world in both obvious and less visible ways. Leading organizations are optimizing and automating processes by evaluating data, images, or language with AI. As the leading expert in big data analytics, T-Systems offers tailor-made solutions that will allow your company to take advantage of machine learning and deep learning.

Ready-to-use AI services based on your needs

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Would you like to automate physical inventory counts in large storage areas using robot and drone technology and cameras? Interested in having computers handle quality control in production, including clearances, surfaces, or crop yields? Or would you like to automatically route customer calls to the right support staff? These are examples of how smart automation can improve your day-to-day business through the use of artificial intelligence. The benefits include cost savings, speed, and accuracy.

And the best part? Such solutions do not have to be costly and time-consuming. T-Systems has powerful AI services that we can quickly and cost-effectively adapt to your needs. We help you introduce your own AI solutions and run them independently.

Over the next five years, the use of AI in the manufacturing sector in Germany will generate additional gross added value of around EUR 31.8 billion.

Source: Study “Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Germany's Manufacturing Sector”, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), July 2018

We look forward to your project!

Our experts look forward to answering your questions about the planning, implementation and maintenance of your digitization plans.

Examples of our AI solutions

  • AI Vision teaches the computer human vision – for example for quality control or product recognition.
  • Semasuite understands voice input – for example, to help your support hotline deliver a better consumer experience.

These are examples of our powerful portfolio of AI-supported turnkey solutions.


The whitepaper “Oh my bot, I still can’t believe it!” gives you an up-to-date overview of artificial intelligence, voice assistants, and chatbots.

AI solutions as part of “New Work”

Tailored to your needs

We offer tailor-made packages to help you start using AI:

  • Consulting on the use of AI – strategy development and workshops, evaluation of best practices
  • Provision of AI platform and workflows – turnkey solutions, solutions for data transparency, development of data-driven solutions
  • Integration of AI in your processes, security and data ethics, development/adaptation of frameworks, and connection to existing data sources 

State of artificial intelligence

What opportunities does the use of artificial intelligence offer? What does the current public debate about AI focus on?

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