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Shorten your SAP S4HANA Implementation Transformation Timeline

Are you ready to take the leap to SAP S/4HANA? T-Systems and SNP can make it easier for you to digitize with SAP S/4HANA. Together with SNP’s Data Transformation Software Platform, you’ll learn about the most robust approach to SAP data migration!
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Modern CTO Podcast Interview with Joe Campbell

Joel Beasley talks with Joe Campbell, Energy & Manufacturing CTO for T-Systems International about the evolution of industrial IoT and 5g, converting technology into business opportunity.
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Modern CTO Podcast Interview with Joe Campbell

Joel Beasley talks with David Smith, Cloud Operations Senior Manager from T-Systems North America about T-Systems' new offering in Future Cloud Infrastructure and the concept of FUD (Fear Unknown & Doubt).
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Impact of Covid-19 on SAP Businesses

Join the discussion about how businesses are managing their SAP environments, enabling a more digital processes, and more! Learn about your peers concrete lessons learned and real-world challenges faced.
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Future Cloud Infrastructure

Virtual Roundtable: Hear how your peers are navigating through changes in the cloud, concrete lessons learned and real-world challenges faced.
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Re-Start your Growth Engines

XaaS and your Existing Customers: This SOAR/TSIA/T-Systems Joint Webinar will give you some ideas on how to tackle this challenge.
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Digital Twin Solutions Webinar

Digital twin provides customers with insights in their globally networked products, production lines and buildings and generates added value from the recorded operating data.
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Smart Monitoring with Kentix

Jan Sanders, from Kentix, explains in this webinar how SmartXcan, powered by T-Systems, can help you navigate through these changing times!
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The blueprint to migrating to SAP S/4HANA

Learn more about SNP’s Business Transformation Platform (CrystalBridge®) and its BLUEFIELD™ approach.
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Monitor Medical Supplies & High Value Assets with IoT

Oscar Diaz shares about how our IoT logistics solution can help transform your shipping and logistics during this critical time.
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Ensure the security of your people using IoT Solutions

Alex Martinez discusses how IoT Solutions can ensure the security of your people and power supply during the Corona Crisis.
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Manage space and utility consumption with IoT

Matthew Oaks explains how you can ensure security of isolated areas, and monitor medical device power consumption using IoT Solutions.
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Assessing SAP S/4HANA Transformation Readiness with T-Systems

How do you measure your organization’s Readiness?
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IT just accelerated: Digitization

Hear from CEO Adel Al-Saleh and Senior VP, SAP Solutions Elena Ordonez in this webinar: "IT just accelerated: Digitization".
Cesar Martinez, VP Infrastructure and Cloud at T-Systems North America

Partnering with our clients

T-Systems North America partners with PHS to improve the health of local communities.

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