Roambee Corporation

Enterprises lack a real time view of potential shipment risks and disruptions, leading to problems including higher supply chain costs & customer attrition. Currently, there is no effective, trusted way to track shipments in transit --Fleet tracking solutions does not track EACH shipment, scanning at fixed points only provides time delayed info, and EDI, paper trails, and phone calls are not reliable.
T-Systems has partnered with Roambee Corporation to provide an innovative, smart logistics multi-modal solution that delivers real time visibility, tracking and condition monitoring of shipments in-transit. Customers receive defined real-time “event” alerts and reporting, historical reporting, and actionable data analytics. Additionally, this solution requires no upfront investments utilizing a cloud-based, on-demand model that eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software infrastructures. Optional end-to-end application integration (e.g. EDI, SAP) can also be provided.

Smart Logistics and the Visible Supply Chain
The Visible Supply Chain allows parts, components or products in transit to be tracked from the manufacturer to their final destination. Many verticals can significantly benefit from this solution today. For example:
  • Pharma, Food & Beverages, Fresh Produce, and the Consumer Electronics industry use our solution to improve risk management, ensuring a verifiable chain of custody, security of products as they transit, and for cold chain monitoring.
  • Automotive manufacturers and suppliers of auto parts use our solution to improve their Just-In-Time manufacturing by knowing accurate ETA or more effective inventory management of geographically dispersed asetts.
  • Consumer product suppliers use our solution to improve their customer satisfaction by enforcing transporter SLAs, measuring their performance, and implementing instant proof of delivery. Transform your data into value, tighter inventory norms allow for accurate lead times and safety stock and predictive demand forecasting.
  • For retailers, our solution increase effciency, helping streamline goods movement, optimizing supply flows, and implementing omni channel supply chain.

ROI – Improve Visibility to Drive Out Inefficiencies
The advantages of T-Systems and Roambee’s smart logistics solution are numerous. Plus, the ROI improvement due to Visible Supply Chains are significant:
  • Reduce Order Cycle Times - Know when your supplier has dispatched your order and when it is expected to arrive.
  • Reduce Safety Stock -From PO to Delivery, see actual in transit times instead of padded times provided by suppliers.
  • Reduce Stock Outs and Mark Downs - Identify potential delays before they occur and reallocate inventory to critical customers without the need to expedite shipments.
  • Reduce Global Transportation Costs -Identify consolidation opportunities, improve load factors by learning from shipment patterns.
  • Reduce Account Receivable Cycle Times - Electronically bill customers as soon as shipments are delivered rather than waiting for days for delivery confirmation.
  • Reduce Logistics Costs - Assign transporters to lanes based on their performance, find your best routes, time to deliver, find and fix distribution glitches.
Lack of supply chain visibility costs you time, money, opportunity, and competitive advantage. You can be up and running with T-Systems and Roambee’s Smart Logistics end to end solution in just 2-3 weeks. Contact T-Systems for more information or to schedule a demonstration.