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Digitalization in travel, transport and logistics

Sector-specific solutions from T-Systems optimize transport management on all routes

Data expertise for the transport industry

No matter whether companies transport people or goods, they face the same challenges: in the digital age, anyone who wants to closely coordinate transport chains must analyze data in real time and control data flows across systems and applications. T-Systems develops and operates solutions for airports and freight ports, passenger transport, transport logistics, and parcel services from the first to the last mile.

Smart transport solutions from T-Systems

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We support passenger and goods transport across all areas. Airport solutions from T-Systems are currently being used in more than 50 airports around the world. 163 million air passengers use them to find their gates, and air traffic controllers control more than three million take-offs and landings per year. 13,000 freight wagons are equipped with track & trace solutions for the Deutsche Bahn, via which more than 600,000 tons are transported daily. Machine learning and AI update the forecasts for the departure times of all trains every minute. And thanks to intelligent solutions such as dynamic route optimization, detours and delays are also avoided in the delivery of goods and parcels.

Airport management: real-time information for personnel and passengers

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Airport operators benefit from Professional Airport Solutions and Services (PASS) from T-Systems for airport management and ground handling: from the Resource Management System (RMS) for counters and baggage handling to Collaborative Decision Management (CDM), which supports real-time coordination between airlines, air traffic control, police, and customs, as well as catering, handling, and cleaning companies. The data comes together in the Airport Operational Data Base (AODB) and is hosted in the highly secure T-Systems cloud.

Modular airport management products

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Passenger transport: public transportation from the cloud

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More than 300 million people travel with the support of digital services provided by T-Systems through a multi-client, centrally hosted solution. Railway operators simplify ticket sales for their passengers with multi-channel ticketing. Predictive analytics help to detect wear or damage to trains or tracks early on. The Deutsche Bahn relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence from T-Systems to predict the exact departure times of all trains every minute. And the T-Systems Smart Transport Suite (TSST-Suite) supports all process steps in public transport, both with in-house developments by T-Systems as well as with integrated partner solutions.

The Forecast Automat: Optimize Rail Travel with Real-Time Info

Deutsche Bahn has used Big Data forecasting on all long-distance routes since 2018.

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