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Smart Logistics for transport management

Digital solutions optimize the supply chain and open up opportunities for new business models in trade and logistics

Digital and efficient from pick-up to the last mile

All areas of freight traffic, from manufacture to transport and distribution, depend on smooth logistics. Our solution for future-proof transport management is called Smart Logistics. T-Systems supports companies with a diverse range of technologies to develop a digital ecosystem and ensure efficient and secure logistical business processes. Intelligent networks and consistent documentation from the warehouse through the chute right up to delivery.

The right solution for every step

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All areas of the logistics sector can benefit from information networking: from ordering via the service button to digital delivery notes, track & trace with automated stock checks, dynamic route optimization, and complex port logistics. The Internet of Things is opening up a wide range of paths towards smart logistics. The T-Systems integration specialists will analyze your requirements, draw up feasibility studies (proof of concepts) and, together with you, design the technological solution that provides the best support for your business processes – including manufacturer-independent components and, if wanted, an integrated solution from one source.

White paper Sustainable Logistics

Find out which key sustainability themes are emerging in logistics and how digital is helping the logistics companies to achieve its sustainability goals.

From smart supply chains to forward-looking maintenance

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Dynamic logistics processes must be highly synchronized to enable all components to function well. One key factor is real-time analysis of extensive supply chain data. With a smart supply chain, you'll find the right data are at the right place at the right time. Indoor tracking facilitates the automatic location of goods in the warehouse, while outdoor tracking ensures that containers, for example, do not get lost en route. Condition monitoring allows companies to understand when exactly an insured event took place and which service provider is responsible for the damage. Predictive maintenance, the forward-looking servicing of, for example, traction engines, conveyor systems, or sliding gates, saves service costs and prevents any unplanned outages. Blockchain technology can help to facilitate and secure identification at goods handover along the transport chain.

We look forward to your project!

Our experts look forward to answering your questions about the planning, implementation and maintenance of your digitalization plans.

Port logistics: research project on optimized data flow

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The port of Hamburg is a gateway to the world, with freight routes into 179 countries. Some 140 million tons of goods and commodities are handled here every year. How are logisticians keeping track of all that? The Synchrolog research project attempts to answer this question. In this project, which started in 2017, T-Systems and its partners are working towards improving synchronization of the handling and transport processes along the entire supply chain. T-Systems has already implemented a similar product, smartPort Logistics, in the port of Hamburg. Via a telematics portal, commodity flows are efficiently controlled, truck congestion and idle time is reduced, and processes in the logistics chain trimmed down. 

Synchrolog has now developed the logistics platform further. The aim is to enable all partners along the truck supply chain to be connected and benefit from transparent information exchange. Initial tests are being conducted in the international port of Bremerhaven. T-Systems is carrying out analyses of the current status and requirements and is implementing interfaces and protocols which enable data exchange along the entire supply chain. The system, for example, provides automated and dynamic time windows for container handling, taking delayed trucks into account. Truck drivers can reserve parking spaces via an app, and monitor their fuel use. The project, which is subsidized by the German federal government, is intended to be completed by September 2020. T-Systems also offers the solution developed with Synchrolog in other European ports.

PaketChef: Planning, delivering, and collecting in real-time

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Ordering parcels today carries an expectation that shipping and collection will be easy, plannable, and reliable. This poses challenges for logistics service providers, who have to optimize their processes in terms of time and location and still remain profitable. Your deliveries can be supported by PaketChef, an app supported by T-Systems for customer and courier services. The Dynamic Routing Last Mile feature facilitates route planning. To-dos are distributed to the available drivers and individually optimized routes are calculated. Information can be accessed, orders placed, and delivery times calculated all via the app. Customers may even order same-day collections, even if a route has already started. PaketChef will react to any unexpected events during the route, such as delays due to congestion or road closures. The calculation of expected times lets customers know exactly when to expect the courier.

Your advantages in digital transport management

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  • Comprehensive digitalization and optimization along the logistics value creation chain
  • Transparency in the supply chain through automated data exchange on the basis of the highest security standards
  • Full control over securely and intelligently connected logistical processes
  • Improved employee retention through new work approaches
  • Customer-friendly and ecological transport chains through dynamic route optimization and efficient driver support
  • All services from one source, end-to-end, connected via low power WAN, state-of-the-art campus networks, LTE, and 5G

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