Satellic NV: Looking-forward technology at the service of toll collection

The modular toll platform offers top-notch accuracy for road toll collection while making toll plazas, bridges and lanes a thing of the past

Modular toll system developed for easy integration and expansion


Satellic‘s satellite-based toll collection system installed in Belgium allows road usage charges to be levied efficiently and in accordance with the polluter-pays principle without having to build any additional infrastructures on the roads. The additional construction of toll bridges to collect the necessary information is no longer necessary.

Customer benefit

  • Efficient and correct collection of toll fees
  • Reduced road infrastructure, thanks to station-free toll system
  • High integration potential and expansion options, for example, on country roads or in other regions
  • Also suitable for small toll programs, thanks to scalable, flexible system
  • Incentives for the use of environmentally-friendly vehicles

Having fully built up the very first fully EETS compliant tolling system in Europe makes T-Systems the undisputed technological leader in this field and a trend setter in the tolling industry. A position confirmed by the European Commission praising Satellic as a model for the future of tolling Europe.

Elisabeth Verbrugge Chief Executive Officer of Satellic NV

Highest safety and quality standards

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The toll system operated by Satellic collects and processes data from over 140,000 trucks over a total of 6,700 kilometers of road every day. In July 2014, the company was commissioned by the three Belgian regions of Flanders, Wallonia and the Brussels Capital Region to collect the road usage fees due. A complex task that not only requires the highest security and quality standards, but also know-how and the necessary IT solution to capture, interpret and process immense volumes of information. As Satellic's main supplier, T-Systems provides the technological foundation to successfully master these challenges. This enabled the toll operator to plan, set up and commission the complete system within two years. Since April 1, 2016, road tolls have been collected via the Satellic Tolling platform, and the company has been the toll operator in Belgium since then, with more than 600,000 international customers.

The challenge

  • Development of an intelligent toll system based on modern technologies
  • Toll calculation for trucks with a permissible total weight of 3.5 tons and category N1 BC vehicles
  • Introduction of the satellite-based system on April 1, 2016
  • Compliance with the requirements of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS)

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Streamlined road infrastructure without toll stations

Autos auf mehrspurigen Straßen sind über ein virtuelles Netzwerk verbunden.

The modular toll platform from T-Systems uses modern elements such as satellite-based GPS and GSM (mobile communications network) to automatically record trucks subject to toll fees and bill the resulting charges. The central element is the on-board unit (OBU), which is attached to the windscreen of the vehicles. These devices can use GPS to record their exact position, calculate the toll route and calculate the charges based on the data stored in the system on vehicle size, pollutant class and region. These are automatically transferred to the Satellic Tolling platform for invoicing.

The solution

  • Founding of Satellic NV, with T-Systems as the majority shareholder (76 percent)
  • Application and system operation for the Belgian toll system
  • Registration and upgrading of 800,000 on-board units for Belgian and foreign trucks
  • Vehicle tracking via GPS
  • TÜV certification of Satellic with regard to compliance with ITIL standards according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001
  • Also available as cloud computing variant "Tolling as a Service"
  • Operation of the intelligent road toll system for at least 12 years

Efficient and correct collection of toll fees

Using Satellic's platform, HGVs subject to road tolls are captured via on-board units, using satellite technology, mobile communications and dedicated short-range communication.

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About Satellic

In July 2014, the Belgian regional governments of Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels Capital Region, together with the inter-regional organization Viapass, selected the company Satellic to develop the toll collection solution. The company is based in Diegem and has more than 100 employees. With over 600,000 international customers, Satellic is the toll operator in Belgium.

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