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Advance digitalization through the cloud

78% of companies develop new ideas more easily with cloud1. How about you? Accelerate innovation with a customized cloud!

Customized cloud: as unique as your business

Your business requires innovative cloud platforms tailored to your needs, platform - and vendor agnostic, as well as highly secure. An effective public cloud strategy enables you to rapidly define, develop and deploy innovative solutions without the need to manage complex infrastructure. Whether you need to streamline your existing IT landscape or add agility to your business, T-Systems is here to push your transformation to a new level. With our help, you can ensure alignment between your core business and your cloud infrastructure, with personalized cloud architectures for every workload.

Discover: The four imperatives of cloud

From data sovereignty, to migration and your organizational mindset; Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems talks through the four imperatives of cloud in this short video from our recent Accelerate Digital Now live event.

Find cost drivers - and eliminate them!

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Say goodbye to the expensive operation of legacy systems, time consuming manual processes and complex multi-cloud management.

With T-Systems’ Cloud Assessment alone, time savings of up to 65% can be realized, with costs slashed by up to 45%. That’s just one way to reduce effort, costs and boost efficiency! Our tailored cloud solutions deliver immediate efficiency savings, freeing you up to focus on high-value, revenue creating tasks. 

Trust T-Systems as your experienced partner. We advise on how to find the right path and balance to reduce your cost drivers. And we are always independent of manufacturers.

Worried about outages? Manage risks!

The average cost to a company of a single IT infrastructure outage is 20 million US dollars3. That is one reason why risk management is so important in IT. Anyone who fails to integrate security, ensure stable operations, or compliance and legal requirements from the start of cloud migration and fails to comply this continuously for complex multi-cloud structures is taking a massive risk. But how do companies use the cloud without taking unnecessary risks? And how can they benefit from reliable, secure and compliant IT? With T-Systems, you are always a step ahead.

Is your IT environment too slow?

Every company wants to reduce time-to-market and embed agility throughout its organization for a competitive advantage. Our public-cloud first approach enables your business to serve customers with world-leading processes and products supported by thousands of experts leveraging state-of-the-art DevOps services, digital-enabling technologies and deep industry knowledge. A new end-to-end cloud transformation strategy catapults your IT into the future, so you can take advantage of new technologies and opportunities, faster. Read how T-Systems is simplifying operation and management to increase organizational agility!

Your requirements, our expertise!

With T-Systems, the choice is yours!

You need a customized and tailored cloud-first approach that enables you to effectively deploy your applications, avoid vendor-lock-in and implement best-of-breed solutions.

Our cloud-first approach focuses on your individual workloads and delivers hyperscaler and vendor-agnostic solutions. Whether through one cloud or several.  Our end goal is always the same: to deliver the right cloud strategy for your business, creating next-generation applications that leverage enterprise data and artificial intelligence.

We take care of the cloud, so you can take care of future business growth.

Ready for transformation?

Your digitalization goals demand a customized cloud solution as unique as your business. Our experts provide world-class advisory services and single source, independent cloud solutions that accelerate your business transformation. Get in touch today!

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