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Manage documents in the cloud in a legally compliant manner

The GoBD prescribes the requirements for storing electronic data relevant under tax law

Archive tax relevant documents in a legally compliant manner

Unified Archiving Services from the cloud is an archiving service on the basis of the Enterprise Content Management system ImageMaster. The solution is compliant with the principles for the proper management and storage of books, records, and documents in electronic form, as well as for data access by the German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).

Keep an overview of documents

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The principles for the proper management of books, records, and documents in electronic form as well as data access (GoBD) have been legally binding since the beginning of 2017. They obligate companies to archive electronic bookkeeping documents extremely carefully. Accordingly, they must correctly secure documents relevant to tax law in their entirety and in a way that they can no longer be changed. 

In order to archive documents in a legally compliant way, it is not enough, however, just to follow compliance rules. An overview can quickly be lost with the volume of documents that occur on a daily basis in companies – especially when employees file them somehow and somewhere on a server. When a tax audit is pending after a few years, it can quickly result in the search for the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Enterprise Content Management from the cloud

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Legal- and audit-proof solutions for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) such as ImageMaster from T-Systems help to process and manage documents in a legally compliant way. With the software-as-a-service offer, you can securely store documents in a legally compliant manner and, as needed, present them again. That ImageMaster fulfills audit security has been confirmed by TÜV IT in project-specific audits and by the Voice of Information association (VOI) within the scope of product certification. Anyone who decides on the cloud service solution from a T-Systems data center is guaranteed data security and data protection according to German law.

Adhere to retention periods automatically

You can pre-set retention periods. In this way documents cannot be deleted prematurely in the application itself nor can they on the storage level. In Germany there are retention periods between six years – for instance for trade and business letters – and ten years –for instance for invoices and accounting vouchers. And due to the long limitation periods for damage compensation claims, companies retain some documents considerably longer than legally prescribed. 

Public and private cloud or on premises

The cloud solution can be used from a private or public cloud or on a platform of the company itself or a platform hosted by a third party. It can be integrated with the most varying applications via standard integration interfaces. Access occurs completely transparently from leading applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, and SAP or via the browser-based user clients of ImageMaster.

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Manage billions of documents in an audit-proof manner

The example of a large German logistics group shows how quickly data are produced that have to be archived in a legal- and audit-conforming manner: a document that has to be stored comes about as soon as a customer accepts a shipment and acknowledges receipt. This happens up to 20 million times a day. With the aid of ImageMaster, the receipt confirmations are filed centrally fully automatically. The solution can handle very large volumes. It manages more than ten billion documents for the logistics group and offers millions of end-users access possibilities in the area of shipment tracing alone. 

ImageMaster processes terabytes

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A German chemical and pharmaceutical company uses ImageMaster to store the emails of its employees in a legally compliant manner. On average, 210,000 emails with a data volume of 57 gigabytes are processed in an hour. That means up to five million emails come together each day and, in the meantime, the total volume runs up to 150 terabytes.

Easily fulfill complex legal requirements

  • Unchangeability: companies have to ensure that no subsequent changes are made to documents and that they cannot be manipulated.
  • Access: if needed, the procedural documentation must be quickly available.
  • Allocation: it must be clear to which business case or project a document is allocated.
  • Storage: all documents must be stored for as long as the corresponding laws or corporate guidelines require.

Technical specifications of ImageMaster from the cloud

  • Compliant with the principles for the proper management and storage of books, records, and documents in electronic form, as well as for data access (GoBD)
  • Scalable for the highest requirements with regard to the number of users and data objects
  •  Easy integration of various applications (e.g., SAP, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and others)
  • Redundant provision in data centers of the Tier 3 class
  • Highly available services with disaster recovery (DR) ability thanks to twin-core data centers

Certification of the data centers according to ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 20000-1

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