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Implement business models quickly with cloud computing

Cloud computing provides the platform for digitalization. This makes it possible to implement new business models, partnerships, products, and services in a flexible way

The cloud offers more than infrastructure services

Successful start-ups are setting the example. Build on cloud computing from the beginning to implement your business ideas. You either don't want to burden yourself with your own IT systems or use the cloud to develop apps and present them to customers. You can benefit from minimal start-up costs and scalable resources. The cloud is also suitable for new markets and products for large companies and groups.

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Cloud Collaboration

From office monoculture to collaboration jungle: Developing sustainable collaboration concepts!

Digitalization requires an agile IT infrastructure

Digitalization throws everything into question. Established and previously successful business concepts are now suddenly under pressure. Entirely new competitors are coming out and attacking companies with decades worth of success. Companies must strategically realign themselves. New cross-industry partnerships are being formed. Mergers and takeovers are a daily occurrence. Companies interact much closer with customers, partners, colleagues, and competitors than before.

Against this background, IT infrastructures are being thrown into an entirely new role. They are no longer simply there to support and accelerate business processes. They should be set up in an agile and flexible way to facilitate new business ideas, partnerships, and products in record time.

The business advantage of cloud computing is therefore heavily based on the integrated interaction of different partners. Cloud computing simplifies the efficient creation of cross-company process chains. This facilitates solutions that would have been difficult to implement by the participating companies on their own. Cloud computing supports users in implementing innovations, offering completely new services and tapping into new markets.

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