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More stability, less downtime

How to increase productivity on the top floor and shop floor with Magenta Industrial Security

Important success factors for networked production

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The increasing integration of top floor and shop floor – that is, information technology and operative technologies – is paving the way for the industry to achieve efficient end-to-end processes and sustainable productivity gains. For example, by having information on availability automatically fed into production planning. This way, companies are able to proactively manage their production processes.

To ensure that the seamless interplay of information technology and industrial facilities is successful, holistic security concepts are needed. A managed security operations center is the method of choice here. Interdisciplinary cybersecurity control centers reliably keep an eye on security-related incidents from both worlds.

End-to-end security from top floor to shop floor

In order to securely push forward industrial digitalization, companies should keep focus on the following challenges:

  • Increased networking likewise increases the risk of cyberattacks on production
  • Critical infrastructures are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals
  • Safeguarding network control and ensuring 24/7 network operation is difficult
  • Security measures from OT and IT security are only partially integrated
  • Heterogeneous legacy environments make asset management more difficult

Seamless operation for the factory of the future

Integrated top floor and shop floor security management still leaves a lot to be desired in many areas. An interdisciplinary security operations center (SOC) provides companies with demonstrable protection against expensive machine downtime and productivity losses. Potential faults and security deficiencies are kept in focus, relevant data and information from IT and OT systems are available at the touch of a button. This allows companies to quickly identify and tackle technical problems and security risks – before they can put a stop to production.

Magenta Industrial Security: Increase productivity with security

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Magenta Industrial Security creates the basis for interdisciplinary security management of IT and OT. The modular offering from Telekom supports companies in the development of a holistic security strategy, right through to the establishment of an integrated SOC (IT/OT SOC). In addition, our OT security experts work together with our clients' machine control experts to analyze the existing operating technology, identify hidden weak points, and create comprehensive defense concepts. Optimal conditions for reducing the risks of unplanned production downtime and guaranteeing round-the-clock availability for the machine park.

End-to-end security for IT and production

  • 24/7 value chain protection against unauthorized access, sabotage, and ransomware
  • Advice from experienced IT and OT security experts
  • Building state-of-the-art security architecture and hardening existing systems
  • Attack detection based on artificial intelligence
  • Quickly initiate coordinated countermeasures with state-of-the-art SOAR technology and efficient converged IT/OT playbooks
  • Unique expertise by operating one of the largest SOCs in Europe

How you can benefit from the IT/OT SOC

Our clients benefit from numerous advantages: The IT/OT SOC strengthens their resilience and facilitates fail-safe, reliable production. The basis for this is an overarching monitoring of all security-relevant processes and an integrated end-to-end approach, which circumvents security silos. In this way, security incidents can be identified in real time and a clear overview of the threat situation can be generated. Our solution protects you against theft of assets and intellectual property. In addition, you benefit from the extensive consulting and industrial expertise at T-Systems.

Modular package for integrated IT/OT security

Architecture consulting

Analyze the entire attack surface to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and define strategy and policies. Optional penetration tests are carried out on existing systems. Penetration tests simulate real-world attacks and help to identify and close vulnerabilities.

Passive defense measures

In order to make it more difficult to penetrate IT and OT systems, the perimeter security of the entire system can be optimized. The segmenting of OT process systems can prevent the lateral spread of malware.

Active defense

The integrated IT/OT SOC is at the heart of cyberattack prevention. Here, all IT/OT systems are analyzed around the clock for anomalies and critical activities. An important task is to define new and update existing "run and playbooks".

Human and artificial intelligence

Early warning systems partly based on artificial intelligence support cross-divisional risk assessment in real time. They automatically detect anomalies in IT and OT systems. In addition, there is the human intelligence of security experts, who contribute their extensive experience to the final criticality assessment and can initiate countermeasures before damage occurs.

White paper: Industrial Security in the energy industry

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