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Park and Joy

Digital parking for the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Find, reserve, park and pay with ease using your smartphone!

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Park and Joy sounds as if parking can be fun. And it can. After all, drivers will in the future be able to use the smartphone app to find and reserve the required parking space online. They can then park their vehicle there and also pay for the parking time with the app. While saving a lot of time for drivers, Park and Joy will have even more benefits for the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. It will become a tool for controlling traffic, with a focus on promoting the multimodal use of transport.

In 2021, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg will be hosting the ITS World Congress – the high-ranking international meeting place for intelligent transport systems. The fact that the city has been chosen for this event can be attributed to a wide range of measures, including the Park and Joy project for intelligent parking.

The challenge

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Between 20 and 30 percent of the cars that drive in the area surrounding Hamburg's city center are looking for a parking space. That’s quite a lot of vehicles in the second largest city in Germany. And managing traffic searching for parking spaces is just one of several aspects of the "Intelligent Parking" project that Hamburg is running together with Telekom. The smart Park and Joy app not only helps drivers to find a parking space faster, it aims to influence traffic by encouraging multimodal transport use. Park and Joy will be further expanded for this purpose. Intelligent sensors are installed in multilevel car parks, park-and-ride facilities, and other parking areas in public spaces. The sensors can then report the status of a parking space in real time, making it possible to search for, find, and navigate to it quickly.

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The solution: Energy-efficient networking with Park and Joy

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The basic technology used for digital parking with Park and Joy is the Narrow Band Internet of Things, or NB-IoT for short. NB-IoT sensors use very little energy and transmit radio signals with a high reach via the narrow band network, even from the highest and lowest points of any multistory car park or underground garage. The information received from the NB-IoT sensors is combined with further data regarding available parking spaces. In this way, it is possible to make highly accurate predictions with regard to the availability of parking spaces in the driver’s required city area. Taking things one step further, Hamburg will also integrate use of public transport into the Park and Joy solution so that people do not actually need to drive their car into the city in the first place. Telekom and T-Systems have proven to be the strong partner that Hamburg had been looking for to obtain the entire solution – consisting of the Park and Joy app, infrastructure, platform, connectivity and rollout – from a single source. The high computing power, which can be scaled even further, comes from Telekom’s high-security cloud.

The advantages at a glance

  • Effective management tool for cities
  • The app is easy to operate
  • Free parking spaces are displayed in real time
  • Time savings when looking for a parking space
  • Number of integrated parking spaces and functions is scalable
  • Payment in the app replaces the walk to the pay machine
  • Anticipatory parking on the outskirts of the city relieves the city center of unnecessary emissions
  • Planned: public transport and rental bikes can be booked in the app for continuing your journey
Porträt Jörg Oltrogge, Park and Joy

The cooperation with T-Systems is professional, in a nutshell and pleasantly equal in an atmosphere of trust with an open exchange of ideas and always focused on achieving the project goal.

Dr. Jörg Oltrogge, Managing Director of Landesbetriebs Verkehr (LBV), Hamburg

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The customer at a glance

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany with a population of around 1.8 million. In addition to the approximately 850,000 cars with the a Hamburg “HH” registration number, 130,000 new registrations are being added annually. The number of parking spaces in Hamburg is estimated at just over 100,000, of which around twelve percent are managed. With its Transport 4.0 strategy, Hamburg is driving forward the development and implementation of measures for intelligent transport systems, including the "Intelligent Parking" project. 

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