Magenta background white paper: VMware Cloud on AWS

White paper: relocate your VMware workloads to the cloud

Learn how you can re-use your VMware expertise to run legacy workloads in the AWS cloud and use VMware in an IaaS mode

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Legacy systems are often a major hurdle to jumping on the cloud bandwagon. But with VMware Cloud on AWS, there is an easy way to run on-premises workloads with little to no changes in the cloud - using established VMware tools. Our white paper shows how you can bridge the gap between your own data center and the AWS cloud building hybrid scenarios.

In this paper you'll find answers to:

  • How do legacy workloads make the move to the cloud?
  • Which tools can be utilized?
  • How can we use VMware in a true IaaS mode?
  • Which benefits can we achieve?
  • How can we try out, if this really works?


Cover and three following pages as screenshot of the white paper: VMware Cloud on AWS

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