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New Work – the journey to work 4.0

How to support your employees in tackling the challenges of digitalization

Fit for the future of work

Digitalization fundamentally changes the entire future world of work. Working from anywhere and in virtual rooms, exchanging data and knowledge at any time, while using cloud solutions and modern communication tools – this is how business works already today. In order to be agile and efficient, transformation processes are required. It's high time to tackle the concept of New Work.  The aim is to promote the collaboration and communication of employees.

Tried-and-tested concept for New Work

From our own experience and our customers' successful implementation of transformation projects, we have developed a holistic, strategic approach to New Work concepts.

It comprises five dimensions which we offer together with our partners T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and Detecon: New Work strategy, people & corporate culture, physical workplace & communities, platforms & technologies, and principles and guidelines.

1. New Work strategy

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Holistic approach to shaping the new world of work. Different process models can be distinguished, such as the New Work maturity analysis or digitalization consulting, like the example at Gerolsteiner.

As a company with more than 800 employees which exports all over the world, it's not easy to "just go digital". A transformation of this kind requires good preparation, and both the vision and strategy of digitalization must be drawn up in concrete terms. Together with T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, Gerolsteiner set out to involve all corporate divisions in the process, thereby laying the foundation for the further future-proof, sustainable development of the company.

2. People & corporate culture

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To empower and motivate people to create a new management and work culture within the company based on networks and trust. The consulting and introduction of SAP Success Factors from T-Systems is a successful example of this. This allows the employees' journey to be seen holistically – from recruiting through to alumni status. T-Systems is a certified partner of SAP Success Factors and offers integrated HR management that promotes the individual development of employees.

3. Physical workplace & communities

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Create a work environment for your employees that encourages exchange and creativity – in physical offices and virtual workspaces. Schwan Cosmetics initiated a pilot project with the Microsoft HoloLens. These augmented reality glasses offer the possibility of support for maintenance and repair work. T-Systems has already conducted sessions with the Schwan Cosmetics subsidiary in Tennessee, USA. And it paid off: The travel costs of the service staff were reduced and machine downtimes were reduced to a minimum. At the same time, the quality of communication between machine operators and specialists increased. 

4. Platforms & technologies

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Provision of tailor-made work platforms to enable virtual networking of people and information.

T-Systems works with you to develop a strategy for your digital workplace, using Office 365 to accelerate processes and reduce costs.

5. Principles and guidelines

An employee is buried in a mountain of paper.

Create an organizational framework based on simple principles, meet regulatory requirements, and maintain flexibility and agility in the company through digital document management. Retention periods for business documents of six or ten years can result in an enormous volume of files. To manage a massive amount of data and automate legal data protection requirements, we introduced Image Master Content Services.

The specific measures which result for the direction of the working environment is something we work on with you – tailored individually to your requirements.

We look forward to your project!

Our experts look forward to answering your questions about the planning, implementation and maintenance of your digitization plans.

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