Telesec Chipcard Operating System – TCOS

TCOS – secure encryption for digital identities

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We usually carry it with us in our wallets or pockets, use it for traveling or to check in at the office PC. But most people don't know that they are entrusting their personal data to one of the most secure operating systems on the IT market: Telesec Chipcard Operating System or TCOS for short.
In our analog lives, we often check to see whether a person is actually who they say they are. This is much harder to do in the electronic world because people conduct transactions at a distance or on computers as is the case with online banking or shopping. More and more companies are relying on digital identities for increased security in this area. A digital identity represents a person in electronic systems.
One of the most secure systems for international travel documents
  • Certified in accordance with the internationally accepted "Common Criteria" system
  • Can be used in contactless or contact-based smartcards
  • Suitable for use in microSD smartcards for mobile end-devices
  • As a smartcard token for key chains, contactless or via Bluetooth
  • Signing onto IT workstations
  • Encryption and electronic signature (advanced and qualified in accordance with the German Digital Signature Act) for e-mails and files
  • Printing with multifunctional printers
  • Cashless payment
  • Building access
  • Recording flexitime
  • Payment and ticketing systems
  • Electronic passports – TCOS Passport
  • New ID cards – TCOS Identity Card
  • Electronic residence permit cards – TCOS Residence Permit Card
  • Company ID cards – TCOS MyCard
  • Toll road cards – TCOS Toll
  • Tacograph cards – TCOS Tachograph
  • Electronic ticketing – TCOS VDV
  • Security card for BOS (TETRA network) – TCOS BOS
  • Electronic diver license – TCOS Driving Licence
  • Electronic health card – TCOS eGK
  • Smart metering security module – TCOS Energy

Telesec Chipcard Operating System is a highly secure smartcard operating system

The TCOS card operating system, which is certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), generates digital identities and has been tested for passports and personal IDs in accordance with the internationally accepted "Common Criteria" system. That makes the TCOS smartcard operating system one of the most secure systems for international travel documents. More than 100 million passports, personal and company IDs, digital tachographs and electronic tickets in Europe are now equipped with the highly secure TCOS operating system.

Telesec Chipcard Operating System encrypts personal information

The digital data stored on the Telesec chip is protected by multiple security mechanisms. A special mechanism, the so-called PACE protocol, protects the data from unauthorized reading via a contactless interface. Information stored on the chip in passport documents includes passport photo and fingerprints. Telekom software provides encryption, the secured reading of personal data and protection of data from unauthorized access. TCOS is thus capable of securely storing entered keys and calculating the cryptographic algorithm within the chip. Keys that are securely input once never need to leave the chipcard.

Telesec Chipcard Operating System meets the strictest requirements

For years, T-Systems has collaborated with chip manufacturers in the market to produce secure, electronic IDs. The combination of TCOS and a security chip was designed with a view to German and international requirements for electronic identification documents. T-Systems continually tests the implementation of new smartcard technologies and fields of application with several chip manufacturers. Examples of new applications include mobile security, company ID cards, electronic driver licenses (the European driver license), security for cloud solutions and security for data from smart grid solutions like smart meters.