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Shaping the digital future with SAP solutions

The path to becoming an intelligent company with certified end-to-end SAP solutions for the digital transformation

Seizing opportunities and mastering challenges with SAP solutions

With the certified SAP® solutions from T-Systems, companies are entering a new dimension of digitization, inside their SAP system environments and beyond. 
T-Systems finds the ideal way to implement new opportunities based on the SAP S/4HANA® business suite with the Internet of Things, blockchain, machine learning, analytics, and big data. Proven procedures create a solid foundation for fast, risk-free SAP transformations.

Seal of quality for the provision of SAP solutions and application management


As part of the SAP partner program, important outsourcing certificates are re-certified every two years. For customers of T-Systems, SAP certificates are a compelling argument for using the services of the technology provider, and proof of the close and successful cooperation with SAP. With a current total of seven global certifications in the areas of platform and application provision, application support, and an additional certification for the DevOps segment – Development & Operations – T-Systems clearly stands out from its competitors around the world.

Interview – SAP with T-Systems:

Customers who outsource the management and operation of SAP solutions need complete confidence in their technology provider. SAP's outsourcing certifications help identify first-class service providers who meet comprehensive quality requirements. Listen to the interview between SAP SE and T-Systems, the three-time 2020 SAP Pinnacle Award finalist.

Greater efficiency and flexibility with the SAP business suite SAP S/4HANA®

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Resistance, innovation, and sustainability are the catchwords of our time. Adaptability and responsiveness have never been more critical to a company's success. In order to set an economic course for growth, ever shorter innovation cycles are needed to constantly redefine the requirements for organization, structure, and business processes. Without automation and intelligent technology, such dynamics cannot be realized within a company. With the applications and services of the market leader SAP, companies can lay the foundations for controlling business in real time, optimizing data analysis, and expanding business models. As a long-standing, certified SAP partner, T-Systems integrates end-to-end offerings of highly standardized solutions, including ERP, cloud, SAP S/4HANA® and SAP digitization, in order to increase business agility and productivity.  

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On the road to becoming a real-time enterprise.

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It goes without saying that the changeover to SAP S/4HANA® does not take place automatically. Such a transformation must be planned properly. You cannot avoid checking whether and to what extent a migration makes sense, which data in particular should be migrated, and which data will no longer be required. Whether greenfield, system conversion, or landscape transformation – we support you on your journey towards SAP S/4HANA® with our standardized transformation packages. In doing so, we use SAP Activate, SAP's framework for implementing innovations, in conjunction with our best practices, which are based on many years of transformation expertise.

Unleash the full potential of SAP solutions with multi-cloud platforms

In order to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by SAP applications, it is worthwhile switching to hybrid cloud environments in the medium term. With multi-cloud platforms, T-Systems offers the full potential of SAP solutions from a private, hybrid, or public cloud that can be flexibly adapted to reflect new requirements, extends existing processes, and yet remains scalable. With a complete, professional orchestration of the corresponding cloud ecosystem, T-Systems is laying the foundation for a Data-Driven economy. This enables a successful entry into innovative technologies such as SAP Leonardo, Big Data, Hadoop, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things.

Global partnership for SAP-based end-to-end business processes

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T-Systems' customers benefit from its comprehensive certifications. Thanks to seamless audits, SAP users at any location around the world can depend on reliable, uniform implementation and operating procedures. The certification portfolio is rounded off by the outstanding application management of the SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors solutions operations. Thanks to the globally available expertise of T-Systems, companies all over the world can achieve maximum process security and maximum efficiency for their application landscapes. Security management, a topic which is comprehensively examined in the certifications and in which T-Systems achieved an excellent result, is becoming increasingly important. Furthermore, T-Systems' DevOps certification paves the way for further technological developments based on this new process methodology. T-Systems' globally available know-how thus provides SAP customers with an ideal basis for the future-proof integration of application provision and software operation.

T-Systems is one of the oldest partners in our Outsourcing Partner Certification Program. As a renowned service provider, T-Systems has been successfully participating in our certification programs for 15 years now – and has always been one of the first to participate in our partner offers. T-Systems is now the first global provider to hold seven SAP certifications for the Outsourcing Providers segment. I would like to thank T-Systems for their confidence in our program and look forward to working with them in the future.

Nandagopal Prasad, SVP Head of Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services at SAP

Key arguments for and benefits of cooperating with T-Systems:

  • Global availability: Thanks to T-Systems' global delivery network, companies can ensure maximum availability and flexibility for their SAP environments anywhere in the world.
  • Globally uniform standards: Thanks to T-Systems' SAP certifications, customers can rely on consistently high standards for processes and services across the globe.
  • Technological quality: The harmonization of standards in the international data centers ensures flexibility, lean processes, the highest security standards, and maximum deployment quality are guaranteed.
  • Outstanding process knowledge: T-Systems' employees have a high level of expertise when it comes to the provision and operation of SAP solutions. 
  • Capable innovation partner: Thanks to the continuous expansion of expertise, such as the DevOps certification, companies can rely on T-Systems as a capable partner with whom they can establish ideal conditions for their innovations and for their future.
  • Security management: Companies can rest assured that T-Systems' security management not only meets all current requirements, it also informs customers about future risks while protecting them.

Seven in one

Seven SAP certificates covering the infrastructure, provision, and operation segments, as well as application management, are proof of our global reliability. Find out how we can securely manage your SAP transformation.

Our strategy, your digital future.

We support your digital transformation with industry-specific consultation, first-class cloud services, digital solutions, and strong systemic security. With us, advanced industry expertise meets a perfectly integrated solution from a single source. Let's power higher performance – together!

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Becoming an intelligent enterprise with end-to-end SAP Solutions

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