Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

The energy sector enters the digital era

The energy industry is in the midst of profound change, powered by a range of external factors. As a result of national and EU requirements such as the 20/20/20 targets, utilities must rethink and restructure.
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The energy market is in the throes of a transition. To meet changing market requirements, utilities, meter operators and other service providers require flexible, reliable and secure high-performance ICT landscapes. Environmental awareness, climate change and renewable energy all lead to higher prices and greater cost pressures. Utilities have to provide flexible tariffs, and allow customers in local markets to switch providers and price plans with ease and speed. Growing competition and greater customer centricity call for flexible processes and ICT infrastructures, in conjunction with comprehensive security.

End-to-end ICT solutions

The diverse challenges facing the energy industry can be mastered with the help of flexible ICT solutions. To this end, T-Systems leverages its combined skillset in telecommunications and information technology. This enables companies to implement new business models and create efficiencies. And in addition to its ICT expertise, T-Systems offers an in-depth knowledge of energy-industry processes.
In addition to its own capabilities and resources, T-Systems can tap into Deutsche Telekom’s communications infrastructure and long-standing experience in managing mass data. Energy industry players therefore gain access to an extensive communications network, 30 data centers in Germany, 20,000 local service engineers, and expertise in handling large volumes of data. For example, Deutsche Telekom processes around 100 million data records per day for the operation of the cellular phone network in Germany and some 20 million transactions per day for the country’s road-charging system. Thanks to this unique combination of experience in ICT, telecommunications and processes, together with state-of-the-art smart energy technology, T-Systems is a truly one-stop shop for energy-industry customers – helping them overcome new challenges.
The T-Systems portfolio for the energy industry
  • Transformation and process consulting
  • Security and technology concepts
  • Dynamic, scalable ICT solutions
  • Integrated telecommunications solutions
  • Infrastructure and user-specific packages
  • Document management, archiving and storage
  • Application solutions e.g. application management, ERP, BI, testing
  • Metering services
  • Cloud services for utilities
  • Energy processes and IT services, e.g. meter data management, energy pricing and portals
  • Energy efficiency for companies
  • Home management
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