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An innovative business model with an end-to-end solution

Manufacturer becomes service provider thanks to industry 4.0

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"Compressed air as a service" is an fantastic example of how digitalization is changing existing markets and creating new ones. The company, one of the world's leading suppliers of compressed air management systems, recognized early on that its customers are not generally interested in machines, but essentially in an efficient compressed air supply. However, this concept represents a reorientation of KAESER's IT and processes.

Benefits for the customer

  • Maximum operational reliability of compressors in worldwide operation
  • Malfunctions are avoided through proactive rectification
  • All-round carefree package with “pay as you use" deal for compressed air increases satisfaction of KAESER customers
  • KAESER mobilizes to increase service productivity
  • Continuous app development
  • New operator model gives KAESER a competitive edge
  • Concentration on business thanks to managed solution from a single source

With our new contracting model "Compressed air as a service," we are miles ahead of the competition. Since T-systems is taking care of the entire system as a fully managed solution - from enterprise mobility management, development, integration of apps through to application management, we are free to focus on our core business.


Predictive maintenance around the world

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KAESER machines are in many countries all over the world and are dedicated to industry 4.0. The systems must be constantly monitored, and the extensive data evaluated in real time. Downtime means a loss of revenue - both for KAESER and its customers. Predictive maintenance models, which predict required maintenance long before a malfunction occurs, are indispensable. And to ensure that field staff are informed in good time and supplied with the right data on site, the solution must also work on mobile devices. Security is also a major issue. Firstly, because KAESER customers' production has to run continuously and, secondly, because sensitive data has to be protected. 

The challenge

  • The new operator model "Compressed air as a service" places high demands on the reliability of compressed air stations
  • Introduction of predictive maintenance to eliminate potential problems before a malfunction occurs
  • Acquisition and analysis of huge quantities of sensor data for the creation of forecast models
  • The mobile provision of relevant data for service technicians should simplify and accelerate the service process

We look forward to your project!

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Free to concentrate on core business with industry 4.0

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KAESER's Industry 4.0 solution concept reads like a who is who of innovative IT, fully managed by T-Systems. KAESER's customers have an industrial PC with software for the Internet of things from SAP on which sensor data is collected and then transferred to T-Systems' machine-to-machine platform. On site at KAESER is an SAP HANA® platform equipped with the predictive maintenance solution from SAP for the early detection of faults and for scheduling maintenance. Thanks to Industry 4.0, service technicians or service partners all over the world receive their orders on their mobile devices from the SAP cloud. An enterprise app store has also been set up.

With this solution for industry 4.0 featuring predictive maintenance and mobilization, KAESER has achieved the highest possible operational reliability for its globally distributed compressors. Mobilization optimizes service processes and thus noticeably increases customer satisfaction. For customers, the solution not only means risk-free production, but also the first step into the digital factory - with "Compressed air as a service". Industry 4.0 at KAESER is a successful example of how state-of-the-art IT and communications technology can produce new, lucrative business models.

The solution

  • Fully managed E2E Industry 4.0 solution across all systems
  • Sensor data from compressors as an industrial PC and Internet of things client (for KAESER customers)
  • M2M platform (T-Systems)
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Predictive Maintenance, and SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services (all available on-premise at KAESER)
  • Mobile platform application management (T-Systems)
  • Mobile app with mobile device management and enterprise mobility management (both T-Systems)

T-Systems digitalizes Kaeser: The networked measuring kit

Kaeser offers compressed air system solutions and analyses using a measuring kit system. The advantages of digitalization through networking with the Telekom cloud, track and trace, and status monitoring are shown in the video.

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We support your digital transformation with industry-specific consultation, first-class cloud services, digital solutions, and strong systemic security. With us, advanced industry expertise meets a perfectly integrated solution from a single source. Let's power higher performance – together!

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KAESER KOMPRESSOREN SE, a European PLC, is one of the world's leading suppliers of compressed air management systems. The family-owned company employs 5,000 people and achieved a turnover of more than 650 million euros in 2013. Development services, spare parts supply, service, various operator models, and individual consulting are some of the key success factors.

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