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Mobility on the path to the multi-endpoint era

Intelligent management of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and operating system and app-based smartwatches: that’s Unified Endpoint Management

Why everything is connected within digitization

As digitization progresses, more and more mobile devices – such as wearables, smartphones, and tablets – are finding their way into companies. Not only do IT administrators need to link these with each other, they also need to integrate them with PCs and other endpoints. The Unified Endpoint Management enterprise solution by Workspace ONE (UEM by Workspace ONE) helps to integrate mobile devices, operating systems, and apps. 

UEM for the digital transformation

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Where Mobile Device Management (MDM) was still focused on the mobile device itself, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) also incorporates data traffic and operating systems. UEM goes one step further by also linking other endpoints – such as PCs – with mobile end devices including wearables, smartphones, and tablets. In the course of digitization, it also provides a suitable tool for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), i.e., the planning and control of company-specific resources.

Workspace ONE’s UEM solution can be extended as required to include, for example, interfaces, virus protection, and tools for support and analysis. T-Systems works together with the customer to develop the appropriate ERP procedure. This also includes Device Lifecycle Management.  

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How UEM by Workspace ONE Works

How you can manage a variety of mobile devices, apps, etc.

UEM by Workspace ONE as a navigator for the IoT era

The concept of “mobile first” has long been regarded as one of the maxims of the modern digital workplace, and it still is today. The market researcher IDC estimated total sales of smartphones worldwide at around 1.4 billion units in 2018. With 260 million PCs sold in the same period, that's just over five smartphones for every traditional PC.

In addition, complexity within companies themselves is also constantly increasing. In the future, the number of terminal devices will be increased by the Internet of Things (IoT). This include smartwatches and other wearables. As a result, IT administrators face ever-greater challenges in digitizing their operation across a wide variety of mobile devices and PCs. Suitable ERP solutions are becoming increasingly important.

By 2009, the number of mobile devices used for business had already led to the development of systems for mobile device management. By around 2015, these had evolved into systems for enterprise mobility management. These also allow for the operation of heterogeneous pools of end devices across different operating systems and platforms.

In many companies, however, the original goal of mobile, integrated processes and cross-device use of apps is yet to be achieved – as is efficient enterprise mobility management of the end devices themselves.

With Windows 10, stationary and mobile terminals can be managed from a single source. This means that no company has to operate both an EMM for mobile devices and a client management system for traditional devices such as laptops and PCs in parallel. UEM unites these two worlds under one roof.

Companies themselves see the potential of UEM very clearly. According to IDC, 61 percent want to manage IoT scenarios via UEM. Sixty six percent plan to merge their mobile and client management.

Thanks to Unified Endpoint Management by Workspace ONE, all end devices, operating systems, and apps can be intelligently managed. In IoT scenarios, smartwatches, mixed-reality glasses, machines, handhelds, and many other devices are all integrated into digital workstations.

Analysts see UEM’s efficiency advantages as giving rise to a clear trend in its favor. However, they still see the concept as being located at an early stage in its development. According to market researchers, by 2022 around 30 percent of all Windows 10 PCs used for business
purposes will be managed via EMM or UEM systems.

Work mobile – but safely

Unified Endpoint Management for business use

Further advantages of UEM

Traditional device-centered device management often leads to a poor user experience. Users have to wait unnecessarily long or suffer system crashes – e.g., if applications working across different devices cannot access the necessary data.

With UEM by Workspace ONE, companies are shifting ERP management from the mobile device to the user. The focus of action is no longer the device, but the user.

UEM also makes it easier for organizations to enforce policies and increase security. The device management platform administrates and monitors company-owned devices. The UEM can block apps that the company has blacklisted, for example. This may mean the user then no longer has access to their email.

A typical example of a rollout for a business customer could look like this: In the planning phase, the company agrees upon strategy, processes, security, data protection, and the overall technical concept with T-Systems and other external service providers, where necessary.

The engineering phase focuses on the requirements for platforms, applications, and processes.

After a thorough test phase, the UEM goes live. Everything revolves around secure operation, support, and reliable monitoring.

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