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International Branch connect

Global Unified Connectivity for Branch offices

International Branch Connect provides high-performance, redundant and secure access to your offices. All of this is managed by T-Systems in a flawless and very efficient manner, saving you time and money, while improving the end-user experience. 
  • End-to-end service covering Local Access, WAN, LAN and WLAN 
  • One international and transparent SLA
  • Central Datacenter and main locations connected via MPLS IP VPN, Internet IP VPN or Ethernet 
  • Branch offices connected via Internet-based access with IPSec encryption.
  • Mobile backup and/or Fast Start solution for each location
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) for provisioning and network management support: offering flexibility, security, automation and low operating costs
  • A flexible platform that scales to your ever changing business requirements
Rasmus Krone

Head of Marketing & Communication

Creating a uniform international customer experience

End-user experience nowadays is crucial for your organization, independent whether these are your own internal users or external customers. End-users want to be connected any time and any place. The arrival of mobile devices in the daily life of your employees and/or customers on the one hand, and the increasingly intelligent devices that communicate with one another (Internet of Things, M2M communication, etc.), instigates a movement that is described with the term digitization. This development is taking a rapid course and it is not yet foreseeable which consequences ultimately result from it. It is clear, however, that the digitization has a considerable influence on your network infrastructure.

Your challenges

Organizations with many international branch offices are often struggling with managing a wide range of access providers and network solutions. Managing these different solutions is resource intensive impacting your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and leads to weak & inconsistent end-to-end SLA’s. Using different solutions in different countries also has a negative impact on your international end-user experience.

Fully managed and high quality 

Imagine you have a cost efficient, secure, stable and high performing network to connect all your international branch offices. Your wide and local area network including WLAN/WIFI is seamlessly managed and you don’t  have to worry about the service quality,  performance and scalability a split second. What would it mean if you would be able to free up budget and valuable resources to work on the innovation and digitization of your business?
T-Systems offers an international connectivity platform to connect all your branch offices / stores  in a future proof and unified way, with several optional add-ons resulting in a great end-user and customer experience. On top of that T-Systems has a great track record in implementing and operating large network infrastructures, and is unique in the way this can be offered seamlessly, managed end-to-end, on an international scale. 
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International Branch connect
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Enabling your business

All your branch locations will have solid network connectivity and are enabled to easily integrate your on-site solutions to run and develop your business, please think of:
  • End-user and customer WLAN
  • Connected POS / Mobile Payment
  • Unified Communications
  • Hazard warning systems
  • Video surveillance
  • External Partners
  • Indoor analytics
  • Electronic Shelf Label
  • Digital Signage
  • Physical Access Control

Add-on services 

T-Systems offers a broad range of add-on services which can be tailored to your business requirements, please think of:
  • High quality guest Wi-Fi solutions
  • Secure local and regional internet connectivity
  • Location based and mobile marketing services including visitor analytics 
  • Advanced Cyber Security Services including SIEM & SOC
  • Public and Private Cloud solutions