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Multimodal Transport and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Streamlining mobility with data and AI in MaaS apps and simplifying the traveling experience

Unlocking the potential of MaaS for a seamless travel experience

The Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) concept entails a transportation landscape where users can effortlessly discover, pay for, and plan their journeys across a multitude of transportation modes, all within a single platform. However, making this vision a reality depends on the effective mining and aggregation of vast and diverse data sources. Here is where T-Systems excels, offering innovative solutions that eliminate the need for repetitive registrations and provide travelers with unparalleled convenience and accessibility.

T-Systems and AI: Simplifying interconnected multimodal journeys

T-Systems recognizes that the key to unlocking this transformation, from complexity to accessibility, is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). AI plays a pivotal role by comprehending traveler requirements and connecting them with available data, thereby creating a travel experience that is truly seamless and accessible. We are committed to utilizing AI’s capabilities to ensure that travelers can effortlessly access and utilize services, regardless of their location. With T-Systems as your partner, you can navigate the evolving world of MaaS with confidence, knowing that your travel solutions are designed to provide a hassle-free and user-centric journey for all.

White paper: Mobility data and AI

How mobility data and AI transforms local public transport: Experience urban mobility through the lens of AI.

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Enhancing local mobility with T-Systems’ expertise and Geomobile GmbH

GeoMobile GmbH’s Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform redefines urban mobility by seamlessly integrating a region’s diverse transportation services into a unified, user-centric experience. This platform empowers travelers to plan, book, and pay for their journeys, including buses, trains, car-sharing, and bike-sharing, all within a single smartphone app. With app’s smart routing engine, it combines public transit with various transportation modes, ensuring passengers always find the optimal route. Underpinned by digital technologies, user interaction, and cloud-based platforms, this white-label app offers intermodal routing, customer engagement through push notifications, public transport ticketing, and seamless management of sharing services. It simplifies mobility, eliminates the need for multiple registrations, and fosters convenience while maintaining the regional transportation company’s central role. Following its acquisition by T-Systems International, GeoMobile is poised to further innovate and expand its impact on urban mobility, promising even more integrated solutions for the future.

GeoMobile solutions for enhancing accessibility

We’re enhancing urban transport with solutions designed to empower passengers with diverse mobility needs via our mobile app. The passengers can locate the right vehicle, find door signals, leverage stop requests, and service requests to name a few. Clear announcements upon arrival and optimized route displays enhance the experience. Our digital data platform, based on open standards, ensures compatibility. Smart urban railways with data transmission and multimodal traffic management streamline your journey, even optimizing railway crossings at traffic lights. Our data-based traffic control contributes to better air quality by suggesting traffic adjustments. GeoMobile Accessibility is committed to creating an inclusive, efficient, and sustainable urban transportation ecosystem.

Optimized traffic flow and air quality management

As part of the Climate Protection Master Plan, one of the pressing challenges we face is increasing the attractiveness of public transport to reduce the environmental impact of individual vehicle usage. Our solution lies in a digital data platform built on open standards, coupled with smart light rail vehicles featuring onboard units for data transmission. This enables multimodal traffic management, including the optimization of light rail vehicle crossings at traffic lights, all while actively and sensitively managing traffic data to improve air quality. The benefits are significant: reduced environmental impact, more appealing local transport with customer-friendly intervals and passenger information, improved traffic flow for bicycles, cars, and rail traffic, and a substantial contribution to the broader mobility transition, making our cities more livable and sustainable.

RealLabor Hamburg: Pioneering sustainable mobility

RealLabor Hamburg (RealLabHH) was a collaborative project funded by the federal government, which showcased innovative intermodal mobility solutions. With a focus on combating climate change, the project promoted eco-friendly modes of transportation, such as seamlessly integrating subway travel with electric scooters. Overcoming data interoperability and sovereignty challenges, RealLabHH, as a part of the National Platform Future of Mobility, demonstrated how technology could revolutionize mobility. Thanks to a simulator developed by Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems, data exchange among mobility providers occurred within a sovereign data space, allowing Hamburg residents to actively engage with and experience digital mobility services. The project's eight subprojects explored digital solutions to improve municipal transport systems, making them safer, more sustainable, comfortable, and reliable in various urban and rural contexts.

On-demand transport integration

Envision your daily commute: it begins with a driverless car ride to the train station, effortlessly transitioning to an e-scooter for the final mile. Real-time updates and a user-friendly platform orchestrate the entire journey. We understand that consumers value the convenience and personalization MaaS offers more than the underlying technology. For service providers, embracing the core components of MaaS; such as integrating secure systems, enabling cloud-based billing, and harnessing trusted data and analytics. With T-Systems as your partner, we empower providers to make public transport accessible, personalized, and attractive, ultimately inspiring more people to choose it over private cars. Welcome to the future of integrated, user-centric mobility.

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