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Realistic real-time simulation in the automotive industry with NVIDIA Omniverse and T-Systems

Virtual worlds with real-time insights for developers

Simulations and models for virtual worlds are key tools in Industry-X. But creating realistic and complex 3D simulations for business applications has been a company’s distant dream until now, due to a poor user experience and the lack of a real-time experience in the calculations. But this changes now: with the NVIDIA Omniverse, quicker and more accurate cycles for car production planning will be possible, for example.

Unique performance in the NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud

Simulations and modeling in the automotive industry are complex. The NVIDIA Omniverse is now creating a never-before-seen realism for construction, product development, and digital factories, for example. The end-to-end platform combines the performance of high-end graphics cards with 3D framework Universal Scene Description (USD) to describe, consolidate, simulate, and collaborate in 3D worlds. Since USD is an open-source platform, individual implementations can be transferred to other platforms. The package is rounded off with ready-to-use modules for automotive applications, an on-demand usage model, and a comprehensive cloud and hardware offering.

Finally, photorealistic simulations and models for the automotive industry

For example, the performance of the platform makes it possible to create digital twins of factories for virtual production. Planners and developers are already simulating the planning process before even breaking ground with live data and are therefore avoiding unnecessary costs through planning errors in the early stages. Engineers can also conduct realistic and physically accurate tests on autonomous or assisted driving functions, including spontaneous influences on the journey. Another possibility is the combination of the latest digital car showrooms with interactive AI avatars: they have realistic colors and interiors and allow car buyers to have test drives from their home computer.   

Getting started in the industrial metaverse – with T-Systems

T-Systems is currently carrying out large industrial metaverse projects in Europe and has unique expertise in the 3D design, simulation, and implementation of AI-supported applications. We can guide stakeholders from consultation, planning, and implementation to operations. Key features of this support include the provision of data in an appropriate (consolidated) format from different data sources and the adaptation of basis modules, as well as the development of new platform extensions according to the specific requirements of the application scenario (e.g., for companies in the automotive industry).

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