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Sovereign cloud: Paving the way for digitalization

Digitalization demands sovereignty to follow data protection and regulations across industries

Leverage the advantages of the public cloud, adhere to data protection and compliance

The potential of “Cloud First” is undisputed. However, companies face a dilemma when using the public cloud services. How can they use the cloud's agility and innovation while adhering to legal and internal compliance standards? This is made possible through digital and data sovereignty - thanks to sovereign clouds that process data in the EU and are also suitable for highly regulated industries. T-Systems Sovereign Cloud, powered by Google Cloud, ensures complete security and compliance of your sensitive data while retaining the public cloud functionality and flexibility of a hyperscaler.



T-Systems Sovereign Cloud powered by Google Cloud

Full public cloud functionality for your digital transformation – full sovereignty included.


Customer success

Sovereign cloud with data protection

How can you turbo-charge your business with cloud services while maintaining compliance and protecting sensitive data in regulated industries? No problem with the sovereign cloud. Our experts explain how you can leverage this potential for your projects.

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