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Ambika: The Charging Station Management System

We are digitalizing and automating the process of EV station rollout and station management

A fast and effective solution for rapid rollout and management of charging station

To remain competitive in the EV (Electric vehicle) charging station business, companies will have to ensure rapid rollout of the charging stations as well as manage the operations. One must rely on systems that are intelligent, scalable, modular, and compatible with a variety of IT landscapes and platforms. Introducing AMBIKA, our ready-to-use end-to-end EV charging station management system for quick and easy station rollout and maintenance.

A smart charging solution on cloud-based ServiceNow platform

Electric car at T-systems charging station

The inbuilt modules of field service management and customer service management enable cloud-based digitalization of the station rollout process and station operations effectively. The solution is developed on a modular and flexible framework such that it can be easily tailored to meet specific business requirements. Furthermore, it has user based load distribution function i.e. ability to sense the users based on their profiles and work patterns powered by the ENIO ETSWeb platform enabling easy power distribution to charge EVs efficiently.

A solution built for various user segments and needs

Our charging station management system has a wide range of applications in the EV charging business for Charge point operators (CPOs), Electromobility providers (EMPs), energy providers, field service technicians, insurance partners, logistic players, spare parts suppliers, and many more. Its comprehensive set of functions enables:

  1. Easy management of charging stations rollout process and station operations
  2. Creation of a connected system for operational energy management, control, and prioritization of the charging process at each charging station
  3. Easy payment and billing process through the app via ENIO backend

How Ambika strengthens your business: Speed, volume, competitiveness, and transparency

  1. End-to-end process coverage: from installation/order to service, maintenance, and billing
  2. Single point of knowledge: all relevant information/documents for each location, including construction plans, lawsuits, monitoring, billing, etc.
  3. Modularity: possibility to select distinct services from the menu
  4. Automation: automate and increase the user-friendliness quotient of as many process stages as possible by enabling automatic firmware updates

And this brings speed (time to market), volume, and competitiveness (service quality and experience as well as efficiency) to the operators!

Ambika: E-mobility's building block

Electric Vehicle charging stations

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Start into the future now! The EU has agreed to deploy more than 1 million new public EV charging stations by 2030. Ambika harmonizes the expansion of your EV charging network and helps to harmonize fragmented IT landscapes.

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