A computer data science engineer works on a desktop with screen showing a lot of graphical data.
11. July 2024 | Quantum Computing

Take the quantum leap today

See how quantum computing is transforming industries by solving complexities, enhancing AI, and driving innovations.

A holographic display showcasing the intricate architecture of a software program being built
10. July 2024 | Intelligent Automation

The dream of the perfect digital copy

The Industrial Metaverse is transforming the manufacturing landscape, merging the physical and digital worlds.

Man using a navigation app on an augmented reality dashboard in a car
10. July 2024 | Automotive

Automotive software needs live data and DevOps

Accelerate software development for software-defined vehicles, since Digital Loop simplifies validation.

a team of people are working together on a virtual copy of a car floating in midair
05. July 2024 | Intelligent Automation

Lessons Learned – Industrial Metaverse

Many companies still need help with tailored technology roadmaps to achieve digital maturity and fully leverage the Industrial Metaverse.

Businessman smiling and looking up
02. July 2024 | Application Services

RISE with SAP: Journey to the world of innovation

A premium supplier can help you better prepare for RISE with SAP as you plan your move to SAP S/4HANA.

Business people discussing cyber recovery strategy
19. June 2024 | Security

Why businesses must have a cyber recovery strategy

Explore how a robust cyber recovery strategy can help businesses bounce back quickly after an attack.

Colorful cars lined up in a car showroom
19. June 2024 | Security

How automotives can secure their customer journey?

As customer experience in automotive transforms digitally, how can it be secured against cyber risks?

A dart board with darts at the center
17. June 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI: From Hype to Harvest

Finding real business outcomes in the ever-evolving AI landscape.

View of a modern datacenter
11. June 2024 | Cloud Services

Mainframe modernization with zFuture

Discover zFuture, the tool-based suite for modernizing, integrating, or replacing the mainframe.

Man looks at a large screen displaying complex graphics
04. June 2024 | Sustainability Services

Pioneering a sustainable future with X-Creation

Unmet SDGs signal urgency for global change; X-Creation pioneers solutions through caring, sharing, and daring.

 A female doctor in front of a digital screen
24. May 2024 | Healthcare

Private cloud in healthcare

Read how private cloud can empower healthcare digital platforms for innovation, efficiency, and compliance at scale.

23. May 2024 | Intelligent Automation

Industrial Metaverse: Hype or Reality?

The Industrial Metaverse merges VR, AI, and more to create digital twins of physical processes.

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