Thumb being scanned
04. April 2024 | Data Intelligence

Enabling trust in dataspaces

Trusted partners T-Systems and OpenCorporates join hands to make this happen for clients.

 A man assembles a wooden cube – a tricky business, not unlike legally compliant AI
28. March 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

When do AI and compliance go together?

Companies can use generative AI in compliance with data protection regulations with the cloud. More on this in the expert blog.

ISO LCA standard, aim to limit climate change
21. February 2024 | Sustainability Services

Leveraging a sustainable value chain for profitability and growth

Adopting sustainable practices is now a critical survival strategy for businesses, with CEOs prioritising sustainability in their operations to foster growth and meet stringent regulations.

globe on moss in a forest
15. February 2024 | Sustainability Services

Sustainability: An imperative business mandate

Learn how embracing sustainability can turn challenges into profitable opportunities for your business.

Hand holding bulb with net zero icon. It is surrounded by a clean energy icon.
06. February 2024 | Sustainability Services

The route to CSRD readiness

How will the new CSRD reporting requirements impact companies' competitiveness and relevance in today's market?

Sunrise above solar panels and wind turbines
31. January 2024 | Sustainability Services

Harnessing sustainability KPIs

Unlock the power of sustainability KPIs with accurate tracking and integration into your corporate strategy.

Fish eye perspective on grass and industrial area
22. January 2024 | Cloud Services

Industry Cloud: the green superhero?

What happens when enterprises rely on industry cloud platforms? Does this automatically make them “greener”?

Woman in protective suit films beehive
18. January 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

How we can use AI to better protect the bees

It’s not just virtual hives that benefit from digital image recognition: it can be used in many industries.

Fabrikarbeiter, der 3D-Technologie nutzt
16. January 2024 | Intelligent Automation

Industrial metaverse: A universe of opportunities

The industrial metaverse can provide customers with an entirely new, immersive user experience.

A friendly robot enters through an open office door
15. January 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready for AI?

If you want your workers to achieve sustainable results with generative AI, you need to train them and cleanse your data to get it AI-ready.

Human AI head covered with nature symbols in front of city
11. January 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

Keeping an eye on the rear view in your AI journey

Navigating AI adoption challenges in enterprises – learnings from the past to shape the future.

Employee with VR glasses in an abstract office building
10. January 2024 | Security

Better protection for the digital workplace and IoT devices

Cybersecurity in decentralized environments: know exactly what is happening in the IT systems and the network with SIEM.

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