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Business process management with RouteMaster

We build the missing bridges in your infrastructures and business processes through automated workflows

The step towards automation, digitalization and optimization of your business processes

Lead your company to digitalization and automation using RouteMaster interfaces. With RouteMaster you can conveniently and continuously optimize, configure, control, and monitor your business processes. This allows you to automate workflows (process automation and process management) and drive improvement in your business process management (BPM), efficiency, and digital transformation in your company's day-to-day operations.

System integration, data exchange, communication

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RouteMaster can not only support simple connections between several applications in your company but even complex business integration procedures and processes, in which several applications interact, can be easily implemented throughout the company. Exchanged digital messages can be expanded with additional data, transformed, or forwarded depending on the content.

Frequently used functionalities for automating processes are, for example, the Excel-Im-Export, the processing of different types of data formats, the efficient connection of distributed applications, and the exchange of messages.

Standardized, reusable, and intelligent solutions and tools

RouteMaster can use and modify standardized solution approaches for typical integration challenges based on Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP). More than 60 sample solutions are offered for this purpose, which can be used or adapted as required. With the creation of individual interfaces, such as the “Message Router”, you have the option of processing messages differently depending on the content. Build the right solution for you with over 300 components to choose from. For example, you can use “ActiveMQ” implementation to write a message to a queue.

Modular system – out of the box

The aim is to be able to successfully use a large number of innovations out of the box with the use of RouteMaster in your company. The use does not require any programming knowledge, all routes can be configured using templates, components, and data formats. The interface configuration is done via the graphical user interface. This result is presented as an XML route. The process can be tested, started, and stopped step by step.

More information about BPM (business process management software)

Would you like to learn more about how you can improve your workflows capability and transform your business process management (BPM) using RouteMaster interfaces? Our employees will be happy to advise you and will be at your side in all steps with the important information about the processes, implementation as well as the technologies, tools, and methods used (e.g., ETL processes).

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From data management to analysis and optimization of your business processes. With our know-how, we want to understand and solve your problems. Automate your workflows and improve your business process management processes with the RouteMaster interfaces. Get in touch!

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