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A strong security strategy needs resilience and recovery

Businesses don’t just need to prevent cyber-attacks but also need to reduce the impact and recover faster from them

Why resilience and recovery should be part of your security

Every business needs solid cyber defence to protect against threats, but the right approach lies in being pragmatic about the threat landscape and having resilient measures. Cyber risks like malware attacks, ransomware, internal risks, etc. are always looming over a business, waiting to strike. Hence, businesses must go beyond data protection and focus on disaster recovery.

Grow with confidence: Cyber Resilience and Recovery

In this video, we plant the seeds of understanding on the importance of a strong resilience and a fast recovery as key elements in tackling cyber threats. A customized security strategy is essential for effective defense. With over 20 years of experience, industry expertise, and proven security solutions, we are your reliable partner in developing a robust resilience and recovery strategy.

Resilience and recovery: two missing links of cyber defence

There are about half a million new pieces of malware detected each day1. The average time to contain a security breach is about 287 days2. The longer it takes to contain the breach, the longer the downtime will be. It puts brand reputation at stake, draws compliance fines, and incurs financial losses. This highlights the importance of resilience – the faster you respond and recover, the faster your systems are back and running. We help businesses strengthen their cyber resilience and help cyber recovery by reducing the impact of cyber incidents.


Cyber resilience and recovery as growth enablers for your business

The benefits of building a resilient business are protecting critical infrastructure, enhanced data security, ensuring a quick cyber recovery from the downtime of systems, reducing financial losses, and improving risk management. Businesses embarking on a digital transformation can confidently take up initiatives knowing that they have managed to reduce risks and created resilient systems. Moreover, customers and partners perceive resilient companies as more trustworthy as these businesses have a good cyber defence and a solid recovery plan marked out. How ready is your business to withstand a disruption and recover from it quickly?

We enable your business continuity through stronger security and resilience

A sophisticated security strategy requires a holistic approach. Our services such as Microsegmentation limit the attacker’s movement and help to contain the impact of the attack. A Secure Service Edge framework ensures uniform location-independent security standards. Our Managed Detection and Response services help you to identify and mitigate threats faster. All these services are aimed at creating a comprehensive security capability so that your business remains agile and facilitates continuity in times of disruptions. Through our broad security portfolio, we can support your individual business needs. 

Security, resilience and recovery

If you are looking to protect your infrastructure and prepare a cyber resilience strategy to recover and restore data faster, we can help your business prepare a holistic strategy. Talk to our experts today.

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