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Discover the digital future of automotive

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The automotive industry is at a tipping point driven by changing consumer behaviour, sustainability, alternate business models like shared mobility. To tide over this transformation OEMs and Suppliers need a dual strategy.

While on the one hand, there is a need to optimize existing core processes and digitize further, on the other hand companies need to develop new business models for the mobility of the future. The key here is to find the right partners to stay ahead in innovation and technologies like Digital Twin, Connected Car Platform, and In-Car Software.

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Future of smarter public organizations

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The citizens and legal requirements, such as the Online Access Act (OZG), are forcing the public administration to offer their services digitally and without barriers with round the clock availability and faster processes. It is essential that these are designed to be user-friendly and secure at the same time. Can digitalization accelerate disaster management capacity? What role do chatbots or artificial intelligence play in citizen services? T-Systems is uniquely positioned with its technology expertise in IT Modernization and Digital services, to help public institutions set course for the future.

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Digital solutions for connected healthcare

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The future of the health sector lies in new forms of cooperation and interaction between health insurers, service providers, IT providers and patients. These are becoming more digital, integrated, and agile. Examples such as the electronic patient file or the Hospital Future Act make it clear where this journey is headed. In addition to the demands of insured persons and patients, the healthcare industry modernizing rapidly. Our experts with deep industry knowledge and digitalization provide the right advisory for your future needs.

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Public transport digitalization

Woman using mobile phone in subway station platform

The digitalization in public transport is receiving a big boost as are companies build newer ways of buying and booking tickets, providing simplified fare structures and efficient asset monitoring & maintenance to reduce accidents and to ensure safety of drivers and passengers. These digital innovations are also giving transporters the opportunity to improve operational efficiencies, make cities easier to travel in and more livable. Explore opportunities, digital technology has to offer with our consulting partnership.

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Leading the future of travel, transport and logistics with digitalization

Container ship from above.

Travel, transport & logistics industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years, but it is no secret that it perhaps also faces more challenges than others.  Issues like ever-changing travel habits, lack of real time supply chain visibility, and complex last mile delivery are pressing needs. Harnessing the potential of digital tech, companies can achieve more transparent and efficient supply chains, and faster shipment movements. Clients leverage our broad range of consulting services, industry expertise and deep digital capabilities to elevate business aspirations of customers, employees, and partners.

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Financial services

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Financial services are experiencing a paradigm shift as changing markets make businesses more volatile. Key drivers for this are rising customer expectations, strict regulatory adherence, diverse competitive landscape, cost pressures and digital disruptions. Our advisory services like strategic consulting, development of new business models and re-engineering business processes help banks and insurance companies to derive more business value. We help our clients in implementing business strategy with proven methods for processes and organizational optimization.

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Shaping the future of how we sell & shop

Miniature shopping cart next to laptop and smartphone

Digitization is rapidly changing the retail sector in the wake of corona virus crises. It is shifting the focus from the product to customers, which combines operational excellence with customer experience. With digital solutions forming the foundation of operational excellence, they can get products to customers at the correct time at the best price. While also ensuring fast and efficient supply chains. We collaborate with retailers to design future-proof unique roadmap for them by providing end to end services such as advisory, cloud & infrastructure, digital and security.

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Empowering the world of chemical and pharmaceuticals with latest technologies

Workers inspecting product in pharmaceutical factory.

Chemical and pharma industry has seen many disruptions in recent years. Companies need to respond quickly to volatile market conditions, while also meeting compliance requirements. Further, as focus on sustainability grows, developing modernization plans and future strategies get more complex. As a highly dependable partner with deep technology knowledge and industry expertise, you can explore our wide range of consulting services we can offer to your business.

Transforming the energy and utility industry with digitalization

Young Engineers Surveying solar panels.

From decarbonization, to striving towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, the E&U industry has come far. Companies need to respond quickly to volatile market conditions, whilst complying to various factors like regulatory norms, ESG and GxPs. Electrification of transportation, distributed energy resources are resulting in business models, are opening up more opportunities in utilities sector. Optimizing operational costs, alternative energy sources, digital technologies, analytics and IoT are the need of the hour. Explore the various opportunities our technology and industry experts have to offer.

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