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Enjoy the freedom, flexibility and speed of a truly connected multi cloud ecosystem. The T-Systems Multi Cloud Connectivity Platform.

Discover our Multi Cloud Connectivity Platform

Up to 58 % of cloud decision makers* operate a multi cloud strategy, but issues still exist around visibility, security, governance, expenditure and control.

The Multi Cloud Connectivity Platform (MCCP) enables you to join up your cloud services to create one seamless network, overcoming the challenges associated with multi cloud. This empowers your enterprise to accelerate digitalization with the peace of mind that you are being supported by a trusted global partner.

* GrandViewResearch

Taking control of multi cloud


The enterprise is increasingly using multiple private and public clouds to deploy critical applications, in order to exploit best-of-breed solutions.

But these environments can be difficult to manage. Multiple clouds mean multiple vendors and multiple costs. Connectivity takes too long. Your ecosystem has spiraled out of control and governance is no longer clear. You’re facing an unmanageable behemoth and don’t know where to begin…

MCCP solves all these problems by adding a unique connectivity layer that joins up your multi cloud ecosystem, with end-to-end security and compliance. It empowers your enterprise with the best of multi cloud and none of the headaches.

What can MCCP do for you?

Accelerate digitalization

MCCP delivers customer-driven network agility, slashing provisioning times from weeks to minutes. With seamless end-to-end connectivity and cloud automation, you benefit from a rapid, more reliable network experience that is as scalable and flexible as cloud always promised to be.

Enable full control

With MCCP, you can have the best of a multi cloud environment with one vendor contact, one SLA and one single solution. With Pay-As-You-Go and contractual models, you only pay for the bandwidth you use, enabling you to scale up and down as your business demands. 

Gain peace of mind

The automation provided by MCCP reduces the risk of human error and delivers self-healing network functions for a more resilient infrastructure. With MCCP comes clear governance, security and compliance. All with the backing and support of a single, trusted, global partner.  

Put your cloud network in safe hands

Call our expert team today and find out how our Multi Cloud Connectivity Platform can empower your enterprise through streamlined, connected and rapid multi cloud provisioning. 

Speed is the new currency

Speed is the new currency of business. In today’s competitive markets, companies must have the ability to respond rapidly to changes in user needs, new legislative demands and the pace of technological innovation. 

Multi cloud may seem the best fit to enable agility and allow you to run best of breed solutions, but this ecosystem can quickly become complex, unsecure and expensive as it grows over time. However, there is a solution.

The Multi Cloud Connectivity Platform solves these issues, enabling your enterprise to experience the benefits of multi cloud without the headaches. It delivers real-time provisioning for an agile response to changing business needs, giving you greater control, enhanced security, predictable costs, and end-to-end support.

What is Multi Cloud Connectivity?

The Multi Cloud Connectivity Platform provides IP Layer 3 connectivity between T-Systems‘ datacenters, public cloud and your own WAN, via an easy to consumer, quick and secure platform. This means your enterprise benefits from: 

  • Multi cloud without the complexity – MCCP portal access for instant and secure connection at any time
  • End-to-end automation of repeatable services to accelerate deployment
  • Rapid network provisioning, slashed from weeks to days, freeing you up to concentrate on your business
  • A simple service with minimal input from your teams, all managed by a single trusted global partner
  • A modern cloud look and feel, for which you only pay for the bandwidth you use, when you need it
  • A flexible multi cloud that scales up and down on demand

SAP on multi cloud

Your enterprise cannot avoid the cloud if you want to make your SAP landscape future-proof. However, the right mix of private cloud, public cloud, and customer infrastructure is crucial. The challenge here is to manage several platforms in parallel and coordinate them optimally. MCCP can connect all your different SAP clouds in a seamless, effective way. 

More on SAP with any cloud? Please check our offering here.

Dynamic partnership for your success

Our connectivity platform is based on a strong partnership so that we can always provide you with innovative technologies. One of our most important partner:


Cisco logo
  • Industry leading Telco Cloud Platform (cVIM) combined with market leading Software Defined Network Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)
  • End to End service automation 
  • Native interaction with T-Systems „Continuous Integration and continuous development“ (CI/CD) processes (run Infrastructure as Code)
  • Hardware and software telemetry based operations
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