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Lindner Hotels: email security in the hotel industry

How Lindner Hotels AG protects itself against cyber attacks

Lindner Hotels AG relies on email security

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At the top of the hotel industry: Lindner Hotels AG offers its guests spa, sports, culture, and business stays in 37 hotels in Germany and Europe. And it relies on optimal service – both on-site at the hotels and when processing customer enquiries by email. Especially important for the hotel group: the security of electronic correspondence. Lindner uses E-Mail Protect Pro from the TelekomCLOUD to ensure it is optimally protected.

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Email communication is critical to our business. With E-Mail Protect Pro we protect our inboxes from the dangers of the internet. And that without any additional effort for our IT, since the cloud solution works completely in the background.

Michael Eckert, IT Manager, Lindner Hotels AG

Email security for guests and hoteliers

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From a reservation request for the Congress Hotel in Cottbus to a special request for a family room in the Golf & Wellness Resort in Mallorca – the majority of all direct customer interactions at the family-run Lindner Hotels AG take place by email. Fast, practical, and contemporary, but also a possible gateway for cyber attacks. According to a survey by the security specialist cofense, 91 percent of these start with an infected message, which, for example, is infiltrated by spyware or blackmail trojans. And the hotel and catering industry is increasingly being targeted by hackers. In order to optimally protect their inboxes and to guarantee the operation of the business-critical communication medium, Lindner Hotels therefore rely on E-Mail Protect Pro, an email security solution from the TelekomCLOUD.

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Successful defense: E-mail Protect Pro blocks malware

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E-Mail Protect Pro is part of the Magenta security portfolio, in which Deutsche Telekom bundles its Group-wide IT security expertise. The managed cloud solution monitors email traffic and successfully blocks virtual threats. It blocks viruses, spam, and ransomware. It also prevents complex, effective attacks on critical IT infrastructures and confidential data, known as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). A special infrastructure is no longer necessary at Lindner Hotels; all email traffic runs via a server in the cloud. And this takes place in Deutsche Telekom's own data center. This guarantees data protection in accordance with strict German law.

Lindner Hotels appreciates the advantages

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The company always has an overview of the costs for the solution; a fixed price per month and P.O. box applies to the hotel group. In addition, Lindner benefits from the significantly reduced workload for the company's own IT department. E-Mail Protect Pro is always running in the background, stable and up-to-date – Deutsche Telekom takes care of that. The provider also handles the administration of the solution and provides the IT manager with a daily email report that informs him about the current security status. This allows the IT team to concentrate more on its core business: reliable IT and entertainment services for guests.

Security in email traffic

Electronic correspondence in the hotel industry: how Lindner Hotels AG protects itself against virtual threats with E-Mail Protect Pro.

About Lindner Hotels AG

Lindner Hotels AG operates more than 30 hotels throughout Europe. For more security in email communication, the hotel company relies on the email security solution from T-Systems.

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