Doctor checking patient data on computer with medical practice card, Telematik

Telematics infrastructure: healthcare at the cutting edge

The control center for networked security and innovation in healthcare

Healthcare in transition

The integration of the German healthcare system into the telematics infrastructure (TI) is crucial to improving the efficiency, quality and safety of healthcare. Seamless communication and secure exchange of patient data are the goal. However, to take full advantage of TI, users must strategically plan their approach to integration and use.

More than just networking: the future of the German healthcare begins here

Telekom Healthcare Solutions offer a wide range of telematics solutions for players in the German healthcare sector that meet gematik’s stringent requirements. These include connection to the telecommunications infrastructure and secure data transfer, as well as the use of various specialist applications and services within the TI. This secures sensitive patient data, seamlessly integrates different healthcare delivery systems and improves cross-sector communication between different facilities. We help the healthcare sector improve the quality of patient care while ensuring compliance with data protection and security requirements. Thus, making the digitalization of healthcare a success.


Starting with a telematics infrastructure

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Optimal care

Our TI is suitable for a wide range of German healthcare facilities and institutions, including doctors’ offices, hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes and other service providers. It serves as the technological foundation that enables digital networking and secure data exchange. From the secure storage and transmission of patient data to the use of digital health applications such as emergency data management, electronic medication plans and KIM, TI offers a wide range of opportunities to optimize patient care.

Data exchange? For sure!

Our solutions offer secure networking for all players in the German healthcare system. From high-performance connectors and modern card terminals to secure ID systems such as the medical practice card (SMC-B) and the electronic health professional card (eHBA), we have an extensive solution reach. The KIM (communication in medicine) specialist service also ensures encrypted communication and data transfer. This is the future of the German healthcare industry.

Secure, networked, and efficient

The TI in the German healthcare system enables secure, digital networking of all medical players, including doctors, psychotherapists, and hospitals. Thus, digital applications such as the electronic patient record, KIM and TIM are supported.

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