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The human factor as a security asset

Security training for Verkehrsbetriebe Zürichsee und Oberland AG

The challenge

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The global Covid-19 pandemic caused a dramatic upheaval in regional public transport in particular. First, passenger numbers sank dramatically, second, many office workers retreated to the home office and had to access services from there. However, as a rule, access to the internal network from private locations is not as well secured as access from official workstations inside a company's offices. Cyber criminals sought to take advantage of this situation, which was new for many employees, and launched numerous new attacks against companies – something which has also been proven by studies. There is no single technological solution that remedies all security risks. Verkehrsbetriebe Zürichsee und Oberland AG wanted to ensure that they were not only investing in technology but also creating a security-conscious workplace culture. They reacted to the new situation with a campaign for greater IT security. Employees needed to be made aware of security issues in order to play their part in company security.

In T-Systems, we have found a partner who was able to raise our employees' awareness of security issues in the new world of work.

Dominik Trachsel, Head of ICT, Verkehrsbetriebe Zürichsee und Oberland AG

The solution

The Lucy Security Awareness Training from Deutsche Telekom Security offers a suitable, standardized solution which could be quickly rolled out to all employees. The Security Awareness Platform enables companies to slip into the role of an attacker in order to identify and redress existing vulnerabilities in the technical infrastructure and among employees.  

In the first step, employees undergo the online training. The training was based on a secure learning environment. This created the maximum level of realism – among other things, this included setting up a fake e-mail and evaluating the behavior of the employees when dealing with the phishing attempt. These kinds of “realistic” experiences give employees a sense of what a real attack “feels” like.  

The package designed by Telekom Security comprises a full bundle of various training measures such as online surveys and exercises. This employee training aims to minimize human error and identify potential threats. The training concept allows the results to be evaluated afterward and gives those responsible an insight into the level of awareness among employees – as well as indications of which security skills require further development. Using an integrated learning management system, the employees could manage the learning content and track their progress in real-time.

Customer benefits

The training has helped employees to appreciate the dangers of the internet. The level of security within the company has significantly improved. The key to increasing awareness lay in giving employees the necessary skills and helping them to realize that they are an important part of the cyber security plan of Verkehrsbetriebe Zürichsee und Oberland AG. The approach of Telekom Security aims to ensure that employees are no longer a vulnerability within organizational security, but rather use what they have learned to identify incidents, inform the right people at an early stage, and so become a part of the company's cyber defense. Gamification elements ensured that the training was more widely accepted and appealing to employees.

All information at a glance

The customer at a glance

Over 60,000 passengers trust the transportation services of Verkehrsbetriebe Zürichsee und Oberland AG each day. With over 300 employees, the company ensures that commuters, school children, and occasional passengers within 250 km2 of the Zürcher Oberland and the right bank of Lake Zurich reach their destinations reliably and on time. VZO offers the population an optimal range of transportation services for the Zurich economic region while making a contribution to environmental protection. The quality of the services is also verified by the measurements of Zurich's public transportation network (ZVV), which acts as a client of VZO. The transportation company maintains a state-of-the-art fleet with over 100 buses. However, it is also making significant investments in its workforce. That's why in 2021 the company was presented with the Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (Swiss Employer Award), the most important award for demonstrating the attractiveness of employers in Switzerland. Regular further training for employees and the promotion of good health at the workplace are among the benefits offered by VZO to its workforce.

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