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Future-proof financial management in Saxony

The Free State of Saxony has opted for a hybrid solution using Pega and SAP for budgeting, cash management, and accounting

New, state-wide administration platform for Saxony

The proprietary IT systems currently used for bookkeeping in the Free State of Saxony are reaching their limits. Some well-known examples include the cash accounting procedure (KABU) and the funds management procedure (SaxMBS). These are technologically obsolete at the end of their life cycle. As a result, the Cabinet decided in July 2020 to comprehensively modernize the bookkeeping systems and build a new, future-proof statewide bookkeeping platform.

One of the most urgent tasks was to map the incoming electronic invoices in a suitable workflow that did not create media discontinuity. The EU plans to make this mandatory in the public administration systems of the EU member states.

The challenge

  • Media disruptions and "paper interfaces" reduce the efficiency of budgeting, cash, and accounting systems
  • Existing customized proprietary systems create high management overheads
  • Technological obsolescence, lack of future viability
  • No support for further in-house development

The solution

  • Agile project methodology: Scrum/SAFE adapted to the project object and the needs of public administration
  • A hybrid concept for modernization of the bookkeeping landscape as an alternative to a complete SAP solution
  • Pega provides low-code functionality for flexibility in the frontend, with SAP as the core system
  • Standard interfaces for system integration

T-Systems has found the ideal solution in the form of a hybrid SAP and Pega solution, which will help us to make our bookkeeping landscape modern and fit for the future.

Michael Golsch, Head of the Digitalization and Automation Unit at the State Budget Office

Benefits for the customer

  • Rapid implementation of the mandatory EU-wide processing of electronic incoming invoices by the administration
  • Gradual replacement of legacy systems
  • Efficient administrative processes free of media discontinuity
  • Data-supported process control using a strategic information system
  • Options for further in-house development
  • Sustainability aspect: paper reduction

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About the Free State of Saxony

The Free State of Saxony is Germany's seventh-largest state by population, with around four million residents. Groundbreaking projects for the future are on the agenda of the state government in 2023 and 2024. About 20 percent of the budget is allocated to education. But there are also plans to expand infrastructures and advance the transition to renewable energies. The two-year budget sets aside 49.3 billion euros in budgetary funds for this purpose – a record volume.

The Free State of Saxony

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