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Sovereign Cloud powered by Google Cloud for ENIO

ENIO trusts T-Systems Sovereign Cloud powered by Google Cloud with its sensitive data

ENIO relies on T-Systems’ Sovereign Cloud powered by Google Cloud

Public charging points are important, but the future lies in building proprietary, suitable infrastructures for companies, communities, and institutions. This is because 70 to 80 percent of all charging does not take place in the public domain, but rather via separate charging grid infrastructures.

A need for a flexible and secure cloud solution

ENIO GmbH sees the greatest potential in large vehicle fleets, property development and management companies, the logistics sector, and operators of parking garages and lots. When it comes to charging increasing numbers of electric cars, the most important technical challenge is avoiding current spikes that strain the grid. According to ENIO, innovative charging technologies that enable on-demand, grid-protected, environmentally friendly charging are the absolute key to success.

In addition to operational control and billing, ENIO also offers load management and energy management to its customers. Due to its many originally monolithic applications, the company incurred heavy expenses for maintenance. It needed a cloud solution that enabled the dynamic provision of resources for peak loads and supported the introduction of new white-label services. A further challenge involved transforming the applications into a more flexible microservice architecture. To master all these challenges, ENIO chose the T-Systems Sovereign Cloud powered by Google Cloud as the trusted platform for its sensitive data. Based on a container platform, the dynamic application services are now run in the public cloud. CI-CD pipelines now provide for automated deployments to support the cloud-native development of the services.

As we see it, the clear benefits of the T-Systems Sovereign Cloud powered by Google Cloud lie in the additional flexibility and simple scaling of the business model, greater system resilience, and reduced geographical impact of disruptions, as well in as shorter release cycles and the GDPR-compliant processing and storage of our sensitive customer data. In addition, the cloud solution provides full cost transparency, thanks to a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

 Dr. Michael Viktor Fischer, CEO and Managing Director of ENIO

About ENIO

The manufacturer-neutral software packages from ENIO enable intelligent control of charging points, secure payment transactions, and optimal distribution of the available energy. The company was founded in 2013. From its headquarters in Vienna, it develops and distributes software for e-mobility infrastructure, as well as for the management and billing of services with electrical devices, throughout Europe. Customers with more than 5,000 charging points from 14 countries have trusted in ENIO’s innovative products for many years.

About ENIO

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