Company profile of T-Systems International GmbH, one of the leading ICT specialists headquartered in Frankfurt/Main

T-Systems company profile

Drawing on a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, T-Systems operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions.
On this basis, Deutsche Telekom offers corporate and business customers integrated solutions for the networked future of business and society. With offices in over 20 countries and global delivery capability, T-Systems provides support to companies in all industries. Some 47,800 employees combine industry expertise with ICT innovations to add significant value to its customers' core business all over the world. The corporate customers unit generated revenue of around 8.6 billion euros in the 2014 financial year.

A market in transformation

The market for IT and telecommunications is undergoing radical transformation: Today's business processes are digital and globally connected. Demands for transmission speed, user friendliness, and mobile access are increasing. IT services from the cloud, applications for analyzing large amounts of data in real time ("data analytics"), and solutions for connecting objects (the Internet of Things) and machines (M2M, machine-to-machine) are spreading rapidly. Companies that fail to keep up run the risk of falling behind permanently, even threatening their very existence.
Yet a digitized, connected economy also harbors tremendous security risks: Hackers are breaking into the ICT systems of more and more companies, to steal their customer data, development results, and business secrets. Faced with this increased threat level, corporate demand for security solutions and encryption technologies is increasing. In response to these developments and trends in information and communications technology and to provide comprehensive support to companies, T‑Systems is focusing on three major product categories, which are reflected in its organization: IT, telecommunications, and selected digital growth areas.

The cloud in focus

T-Systems offers a full spectrum of conventional ICT services: The service provider implements, integrates and manages IT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations. Companies that want to outsource their systems also have the right partner in the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary: Outsourcing and IT operations – in its own certified, high-security data centers – has been an important element of T-Systems' core business for more than ten years.
With its extensive experience in cloud computing, T-Systems has earned the trust of many renowned companies in recent years. Major corporations such as Shell, Daimler and Correos, Spain's national postal service, rely on the competencies of the cloud pioneer and use network-based applications, computing capacity, and storage. Steel giant ThyssenKrupp also trusts in the cloud expertise of T-Systems and will purchase its PC workplaces from the Telekom cloud in future.

Universal network for voice, data, and video

Today, formerly separate transmission networks are converging ever more into a single, universal network that merges voice, data, and video signals. The technical foundation for this is the Internet Protocol (IP). Next-generation networks (NGN) and all-IP networks now make it possible for companies to offer their services and applications over the Internet, through new business models. T-Systems supports companies with all matters involving networks and telecommunications. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary's classic products include IP-based online services, voice-over-IP and IPTV. T-Systems is currently working on harmonizing its product range internationally. To this end, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary is partnering with network operators all over the world and coordinates the Group's business customer activities.

The swarm intelligence principle

Mass data analytics is one of the most important current IT trends. Social media, in particular, deliver huge amounts of unstructured data that stymies the conventional analysis methods used at most companies. Yet blogs and forum posts, in particular, can be a treasure trove of ideas for marketing activities and improvements to products and processes. T-Systems offers its customers highly scalable, platform-based, standardized products that enable the rapid analysis and secure storage of both unstructured information from the social web and structured data from CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems.

Smart suitcases and text messaging cows

Another topic that is revolutionizing the economy is the broadband connection of users, machines and products – in short: the digital economy, also called "Industry 4.0" in the manufacturing sector. When cows notify farmers that they are ready to mate, smart suitcases set off on journeys by themselves, and the trucks in the Port of Hamburg communicate autonomously with the logistics center – all these practical examples are based on cloud and M2M solutions that T-Systems has integrated in existing ICT structures and now runs in a high-security, high-availability environment. This not only involves the technical networking, but also linking the business processes – between companies and their customers, machines and employees, partners and suppliers.

Mobile doctors and connected cars

With regard to the intelligent networking of business and society, T‑Systems sees huge potential in the automotive and healthcare sectors, in particular. For example, more and more clinics are installing mobile tablet PC solutions, with which doctors and care staff can enter and retrieve patient data directly at the bedside. Telemedicine solutions are another hot trend. They allow sufferers of chronic illnesses to record their vital data themselves, for example, and send them to their physician through their smartphones. Among other effects, this can help compensate for the shortage of medical staff in some rural regions.
T-Systems is also teaching vehicles how to communicate, through sensors and smart networking. Major car makers such as BMW and Daimler already deploy the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary's Connected Car solutions. One related application area is predictive maintenance. By reading the vehicle's data, repair shops can identify faults as well as wear and tear before a breakdown occurs.

The war against cyber criminals

Whether cloud computing, mobile solutions, or data analytics – all these technologies pose entirely new challenges for IT security. Moreover, cyber attacks on corporate networks and IT systems are getting ever more sophisticated and have become a huge threat to the economy. As such, data privacy and data security are crucial criteria for success in all technical developments. T-Systems and the entire Deutsche Telekom group do everything in their power to protect their own IT systems and networks, as well as the data of their corporate customers and consumers from Internet-based attacks, to develop new security solutions for their customers, and to continuously adapt them to new requirements.