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Efficient multi-cloud infrastructure management

Integrate cloud services from the private and public cloud, and optimize and further develop business processes

Hybrid private and public cloud services from a single source

The cloud has long been undisputed as the tool of choice for optimally supporting complex business processes and reducing infrastructure management costs. How then can the various public cloud solutions from hyperscalers such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure be used and managed together with a private cloud to create a homogeneous hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure? And how can optimal benefits be gained from an effective cloud management?

Use and manage the best private and public cloud services

Large cloud computing service providers such as Azure, Google Cloud and AWS have differing strengths. In addition, sensitive data must not leave the EU and therefore cannot be processed in every public cloud. To benefit from the best cloud services for their own business processes, companies must be able to manage a cloud infrastructure that combines public and private cloud services via a platform, to create a centrally managed, hybrid multi-cloud structure. This is the only way for companies to utilize cloud providers’ respective strengths for their own IT infrastructures.


The right cloud infrastructure

Depending on their needs, companies require different resources from the cloud. Our experts map your infrastructure requirements with various cloud platforms to achieve the greatest advantage for your business.

Why Multi-Cloud?

Multi-cloud environments use multiple cloud platforms from different providers to host and manage data and applications. This enables companies to make their IT more flexible and ensure reliability. You can use the strengths of different cloud providers to adapt services to specific requirements and switch to alternative providers in the event of failures. The result: optimized costs and more control over your own IT strategy.

The right cloud infrastructure for every company

Choosing the right cloud providers is vital as they form the basis of your multi-cloud strategy’s success. Companies should carefully examine which providers best suit their individual requirements and objectives. T-Systems’ team of experts support customers throughout the selection process and help them find the cloud infrastructure that best suits their business objectives.

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