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Process automation with RouteMaster

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Increase the efficiency and productivity of your company

Efficiency and productivity are decisive factors for a company to remain successful and competitive. The automation of complex processes plays a major role here, as it saves time and resources, minimizes errors, and improves the quality of work. With RouteMaster, an advanced integration tool, T-Systems offers powerful software to take your business to the next level.

Automation, digitalization, and optimization of your business processes

Team colleagues are discussing a project

Business processes are conveniently and continuously optimized, configured, controlled, and monitored. This optimization automates processes and drives forward the digital transformation of your company. RouteMaster offers methods to support the integration of systems within your company and also external partners to enable a seamless data flow across all areas. The result is a uniform and consistent view of your processes, while the automation of routine tasks reduces errors and improves work results. 

Integrating systems, exchanging data, optimizing communication

RouteMaster makes it possible to create simple data flows (routes) between applications in the company as well as complex, reliable, and scalable integration processes. Here data can be exchanged between a large number of systems according to predefined rules. For example, the exchanged messages can be processed differently depending on their content, enriched with additional data, or transformed into other formats. RouteMaster offers standardized and reusable solutions for typical integration challenges, resulting in higher profitability.

Efficient integration and data processing

A wide range of components are provided that enable communication with various interface technologies and protocols, support the processing of messages in different formats, and enable the management of rule-based data processing. You can create solutions to integration problems yourself in the RouteMaster graphical user interface. RouteMaster supports you in the creation of routes, their maintenance, and troubleshooting. The efficient use of resources improves your company’s position in the market in the long term.

RouteMaster in productive use:

  • Monitoring the routes
  • Statistics that display information on message processing and errors that have occurred
  • View messages in the routes during processing
  • Use of enterprise integration patterns to solve typical integration problems 

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Find out how you can save time and resources, improve data quality, and optimize your business processes. Our staff will be happy to advise you and provide you with all the information you need about the processes involved. 

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