An engineer uses a tablet with a holographic application, to model and design and monitor a 3D model of an engine

Embrace the future of automotive with digital manufacturing

Scalable, and future-proof solutions for sustainable manufacturing

Digital Factory: Transforming automotive manufacturing

Digitalizing the shop floor revolutionizes efficiency and drives innovation throughout the automotive value chain. Leveraging digital twins and AI fosters dynamic, responsive manufacturing environments. This strategic shift ensures adaptability and resilience amidst evolving industry demands.

Cloud-based digital manufacturing for the future

Future-proof smart factory operations comprise of strategic, cloud-based manufacturing platform. Seamlessly integrating with SAP ERP, SAP MES, our solution creates a robust, unified ecosystem. Vendor-neutral, flexible machine connectivity, combined with cloud computing, reduces CO₂ emissions and provides valuable energy consumption insights.

White paper: The toolbox of the future

What do manufacturing companies need to be successful in the future? Answers and real application examples in the white paper.

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Cloud-based manufacturing execution system for holistic operations

Our cloud-based manufacturing execution systems (MES), in partnership with SAP DM, provides a strategic, future-proof foundation. Emphasizing harmonization, standardization, and process simplification, we enable successful digitization, fostering a digital-ready manufacturing environment.

SAP digital manufacturing cloud: Driving Industry-X efficiency

SAP Digital manufacturing, a game-changer in Industry-X, offers cloud deployment with visibility across both the top floor and shop floor. Leverage powerful KPIs and analytics for detailed execution of production processes. This cloud solution paves the way for a resource-efficient and connected manufacturing ecosystem.

Seamless SAP ERP integration and machine connectivity

Experience the best SAP ERP integration and a migration-friendly approach, ensuring a smooth transition from ECC 6.0 to S/4HANA. Our platform facilitates simple, flexible, and vendor-neutral machine connections, supported by Amorph.pro. This ease of connectivity enables the implementation of data-driven use cases, promoting innovation and agility.

Industry 4.0 technologies for sustainable manufacturing

Enjoy the benefits of reduced total cost of ownership through the adoption of a sustainable platform. Our solution aligns with future business and technology requirements, providing a foundation for Industry 4.0 technologies. Embrace the future of automotive manufacturing with confidence, efficiency, and sustainability.

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