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Modernize and optimize – migrate to AWS

Accelerate your cloud migration journey together with T-Systems and AWS

Delivering real value in the cloud

Migrating your workloads to AWS imparts a high degree of flexibility and scalability, along with providing operational resilience. As a Premier AWS Partner, T-Systems can help customers unleash the true potential of cloud as well as provide a consultative roadmap on their cloud journey to AWS. The partnership brings together the depth of services from AWS and expert pool of resources from T-Systems to deliver successful cloud migration outcomes.

Cloud Migration Factory

AWS Partner Network – Premier Consulting Partner

Together with AWS, we have developed a seamless approch for a successful IT switchover. Our migration process strikes a balance between business needs and technical requirements. The start-up phase starts with standardized assessments, followed by designing the business case and migration plan in sync with the security requirements. In the execution phase, cloud migration factory teams (CMF) work in sprints to migrate the defined applications to AWS. Finally, in the continuous improvement phase, we support companies with rightsizing, cost management and operational improvements.

A migration road trip on Route 60

Hear our cloud solutions expert Nico Herzhauser along with Christian Blaas from AWS as they dive deep into the topic of cloud migration, highlighting the best practices and customer success stories. (Please click “settings” at the bottom right of the video to turn on English subtitles.)

The Easy2Migrate Program

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Under the Migration Acceleration Program, together with AWS, T-Systems can help customers get started quickly on the AWS cloud, without any risks or downtime.

The Easy2Migrate program lets the customers opt in at any of the three stages – Assess, Mobilize or Modernize – in their cloud journey. At every step, customers have access to expert guidance to decide on the right next step. This is supported by fundings and credits at every stage, to instill confidence and help the customer transition smoothly into the cloud journey.

E-book: The T-Systems Migration Factory

We simplify your transition to AWS cloud. Discover all about our cloud migration approach and expertise.

Database Migration with AWS

The monolithic database model is unfit to meet the ever changing demands of highly distributed applications. Move your commercial databases to build a more purpose-driven database model with the AWS Database Freedom program. The program is designed to provide quick scalability and enhanced application performance using the microservices architecture.

With 15 database engines and growing, AWS provides the broadest selection of commercial-grade, purpose-built databases that allow development teams to build and innovate faster on any application use case, at any scale.

Ensure a smooth migration

The migration of IT systems into AWS requires time and needs experience. Together with AWS, we have created best practices for a smooth transition that we can also use to successfully and securely migrate your systems into AWS.

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